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top load vs front load washing machines | best front load washing machines 2022 | bosch washing machines

Do you like to wash your dirty clothes with your hands in winter? Well! Washing dirty clothes with your hands during winters can be not just painful but also challenging as hot water is not always available everywhere. Thus the solution to this grave problem is a good fully-automatic washing machine. But which one should you buy- A front Load washing machine or a Top Load Washing Machine? Read the entire article to find out the answer.

Friends we bought Bosch 8KG front load washing machine and neither this video is sponsored by Bosch nor it is a review unit.

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Bosch Washing Machines
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Installation – best front load washing machines 2022

The washing machine was installed by Bosch’s installation team. The team was efficient and capable. We bought the accessories from outside and we recommend the same for you. Buy the accessories yourself for fair prices and not from the installation team that charges high prices.

Built-Quality – Bosch Washing Machines

The Bosch 8 Kg 5-star washing machine is sturdy and heavy. The looks are appealing. Its metal looks strong and sturdy. The front design is usual. The design on the sides is actually the anti-vibration panel. On the front is a touch panel with 15 wash programs. We 100% agree with the anti-vibration panel as this machine doesn’t vibrate during the spin mode. The stainless steel drum is of good quality. You will realize that it is solid and sturdy once you touch it.

Features – best washing machine fully automatic

The Bosch washing machines come in various sizes and versions but we chose this particular model for its 1400 rpm motor which is good. This Ecosilence drive machine doesn’t produce any noise. Its sound is negligible in comparison to other models that we have tested. This machine comes with a built-in heater. Bosch 8Kg fully-automatic washing machine has customized programs even for the dirtiest clothes.

One doesn’t need many wash programs as we don’t believe in experimentation in daily life. This machine has all programs for the 3-4 types of common fabrics that we often use. However, it has many options which you can check yourself. The touch panel is easy and smooth. You have to jog the dial to the required wash program and press start and then you are good to go.

Rest all the things will be done by the washing machine itself. The ‘pause and reload’ function is also good. Often after starting the washing we realize that we forgot to put in a few clothes that are now left behind. In these situations, the pause and reload function comes in handy as it allows you to stop the program, put the clothes inside, and then reload the program from where it was stopped.

Water Consumption – best washing machines in india

What is its water consumption? It is the most water-efficient washing machine that uses 45L water. Less water, less noise, and no vibrations are a good combination.

Top Load vs Front Load Washing Machines

Let’s talk about the major differences between a top load and a front load washing machine. First- Front Load machines consume lesser amounts of water than Top Load. Front Load produces less noise and they vibrate less than Top Load washing machines. The wash quality of the Front Load washing machine is superior to the Top Load. Price- Front Load washing machines are slightly more expensive. The cost difference is nominal but the quality of front load washing machines is far better than top load washers.

Pros and Cons – Bosch Washing Machines

No product is perfect. First, let’s discuss the cons- the inlet water pipe and power cord are short. It was a perfect fit for the bathing room we tested it in but you will have to extend the wire length and the inlet pipe in case it happens to be short. However, its pros dominate its cons. It has fantastic built quality. This Bosch machine is a tank. The wash quality is good. Noise during spinning is negligible. The water consumption is too low (fantastic). No other front-load washing machine is this capable.

WarrantyIt comes with 2 years comprehensive and 10 years warranty on motor
CostWe bought it for ₹38K but right now it costs ₹37,500.

Size – best front load washing machines 2022

For more than 5 members, an 8Kg washing machine is suitable. If there are lesser members in your family, go for smaller sizes.

Accessories – Bosch Washing Machines

Let’s see the accessories. This Bosch stand is good and the rest of the local stands are merely a waste of money. This stand is solid and we completely recommend it. This stand can be adjusted according to any washing machine. We also bought a Bosch cover for ₹800. It is slightly expensive around ₹200 but its quality is supreme. The choice is yours. The quality of this cover is worth its price.


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