Best AC in india 2022 | hot and cold AC(1.5, 2 ton)

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This is 2022 and we think that almost everyone, especially in North India, is confused between a normal AC and a Hot & Cold AC which is compatible with winter too. We had the same confusion till Oct 2021 when we bought a Hot and Cold AC and in this article, we will review the same AC.

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2. Read these important points in order to make an informed decision:

1. Size –
For a 130sq ft room, 1 ton AC is apt. 1.5 ton AC is best for 130-200sq ft room. For a 200-300sq ft room, a 2 ton AC is a must. These figures are subjected to change if- 1) there is direct sunlight over your room, and 2) there is air leakage.

2. How does a Hot & Cold AC work? –
It is a myth that the compressor rotates anti-clockwise to throw warm air into the indoor unit. A Hot & Cold AC has 2 coils-
(1) In the outdoor unit (condenser coil)
(2) In an indoor unit (evaporator coils that give cool air).

This process reverses with help of reversing valve to throw hot air. There is no heating element in any Hot & Cold AC. This work is done by a valve provided only in a Hot & Cold AC. 

3. Hot and Cold AC v/s a Heater –
Inverter AC adjusts the input Power by controlling the Compressor RPM as per actual load, whereas a conventional heater is a constant input device. Hot and cold AC’s provide more uniform heating across the room as compared to conventional heaters, and there’s absolutely No Oxygen Burning. An inverter AC provides cooling in summers along with saving money and the same can be done in winters too. A room heater can’t always maintain the same temp & it also uses more electricity.

4. Installation Charges –
Do add installation cost (₹1k-₹1500) in total cost along with the charges for copper pipes. Brands provide a max of 5m copper pipes but you need extra length if the outdoor unit of your AC is placed far. Brands charge extra for that. You must add approx ₹5k more over the AC’s cost.

5. A stabilizer –
A stabilizer is a must with all ACs even if there is no voltage fluctuation in your area. We work in Delhi but still, we have used a special inverter stabilizer for Hot & Cold Inverter AC.
best air conditioner in India – hot and cold ac

3. Warranty – hot and cold ac

Make sure you check the warranty before you buy an inverter AC. Out of the 2 PCBs, the outdoor PCB is most important and is always exposed to Sun. Its replacement cost is approx ₹15k. Buy an inverter AC with a maximum warranty on controller PCB. The AC we are talking about has 5 years comprehensive warranty. Buy the AC with the best warranty package.

4. Installation – hot and cold ac

In this article, we will share our experience of Voltas Hot & Cold Inverter AC that comes with intelligent cooling. We bought this AC after extensive research. The installation team arrived the very next day and they were highly professional. They sincerely followed all the Covid protocols.

To maintain room decor, we already had copper pipes fitted inside of the wall. The installation team efficiently attached the indoor unit to it without causing any undue damage. The outdoor unit was 25ft away and we had already done the major preparations for that.

The installation team out-performed our expectations in installing and attaching the outdoor unit with the copper pipes. The installation team installed and insulated the outdoor unit really well. They also checked the pressure and leakage of gas which is extremely essential. Make sure your installation team does that. Fitting & connection of indoor & outdoor units is done after this step.

5. Air Flow – best air conditioner in india

We were taken aback by the high airflow of 950m³/hr. It was so high that we had to use this AC at low settings and we still use it at these settings. We checked it at hot setting too and it was quite hot in Summers. But during winters, such a hot atmosphere is amazing. In the demo, we used it at 30° but today we are satisfied at 23°.

Cooling CapacityCooling: 6000W and Heating: 6200W or 1.76 Ton
FeaturesInverter AC with All-Weather functionality; Perfect for -5° to 50° temp; 100% Copper Condenser  Coils; Multi-Stage Filteration, 2-way auto Louvers; Hidden Display; Air Flow: 950 m3/h; Self Diagnosis
ISEER 3.71
Noise Level Maximum 46dB
Warranty 5 Years Comprehensive Warranty; Lifetime warranty on Compressor

6. Specs – best air conditioner in india | best ac in india 1.5 ton

This Voltas AC has both hot & cold features with intelligent heating. Intelligent heating means that the AC provides the same functions in heating mode as it provides in cooling mode. The same revolutionary function can be used in heating mode too. Other AC’s don’t have inverter functionality in heating mode. That is why we chose this AC.

This AC has 6000W cooling & 6200W heating capacities. It comes under the 2-ton category but it is 1.76 ton AC. We needed an AC above 1.5 ton as the room was approx 230sq ft and 1.75 or 2 ton AC was best for that. The best thing is that the inverter functionality is available for both hot and cold modes.

According to Voltas, it is the best for -5° to 50°C temperature. The heating mode at 23° is perfectly satisfying for winters in Delhi but what about the winters of areas with snow? This AC is perfect for temp up to -5°. Now, what about the hot areas? Well, this AC is perfect for temp up to 50° along with the inverter function.

This Voltas AC has 100% copper condenser coils with multi-stage filtration. The air filter will purify the air which is essential in all cities due to pollution. It is good that your AC works as a small air purifier. The indoor unit has 2 auto louvres (throw air up & down). This display becomes a hidden display. If this display light bothers you, then you can switch it off which is a convenient feature to have.

Its airflow is 950m³ and in other ACs, it is around 500-600m³ only. 950 is a 40% jump. We never used this AC above low settings as we think it is amazing at low airflow. For distant and instant cooling, this is the best AC. The self-diagnosis feature is good. An error code will be displayed in case of errors and then you can call the repair team asap.

7. Warranty Package – hot and cold AC

Voltas gives 5 years comprehensive warranty with a lifetime warranty on the inverter compressor (mind-blowing). This is the most attractive warranty package due to which this AC becomes the first choice.

8. Remote Control – hot and cold AC

You get a fully functional remote control with all types of functions. It is long. It is subjective whether you like it or not but for me it is okay. Along with the outdoor unit, there was connecting pipe and wire of 3.5 m.

9. Cons- best AC in India 2022 | hot and cold ac

Its copper wire is just 3.5m. All brands provide the same length but still, it is not as per the requirement of most people. Second- there is no grill behind the outdoor unit. It is not covered and instead is exposed. This is not a big thing but you must know this.

10. Pros – best AC in India 2022 | hot and cold ac

The best thing is its good cooling and heating capacity in inverter mode. No other AC in our view offers Heating in inverter mode. Heating in inverter mode reduces electricity consumption. The heating in a constant heating mode is good and more energy efficient.

The biggest thing is that there is no oxygen burning as there is no element. The function of the condenser & evaporator coil is reversed which provides proper warm air (the best thing). The second pro is its fantastic blower. No words can describe it. The blower is really fast with controlled noise levels. The ambient noise level is 35dB and with AC being turned on, it is 45dB which is very good.

11. Cost – best ac in india with price

The cost of the 2-ton model in October was ₹51,000. Right now its 1.5-ton model costs ₹42,000. The prices will change as the season arrives. The choice is yours. You can buy from anywhere i.e online, offline, or from Voltas’ website. But if you buy it online, then kindly use our link as it will help us to create such content. Our research requires your help.


















Disclaimer: Please note that the prices mentioned in the article were recorded on the publishing date. Prices may change with time.

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