Best 65 inch TV in India 2022 (February)

best 65 inch tv in india 2022

Best 65 inch TV in India 2022: Previously a big fancy TV with all smart features and amazing sound quality was a fancy dream for almost everyone. However, things have changed now and the technology we use now is highly advanced. In this article, we will discuss the list of those best 65 inch TV in India 2022 that is capable of fulfilling this fancy dream.  


“Full reviews of all these TVs are available on our channel. Only the picture quality will be discussed in this video. All the footages are for representational purposes as some of the mentioned TVs are not present in the studio while making this video.”

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Redmi TVshopping-cartAMAZON
Hisense Tornado A73Fshopping-cartAMAZONshopping-cartFLIPKART
Samsung AUE70 Proshopping-cartAMAZONshopping-cartFLIPKART
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People often ask us two questions-

1. Should they wait for 2022 models?

Ans- Well definitely Johnny Lever won’t look like Amitabh Bachchan but there will be minor differences in TVs up to the range of 1 Lakh. No significant changes will be made. Fancier names will be given to techs but there won’t be any major changes in their picture qualities. You have to decide as per your need.

2. Should you randomly buy an extended warranty or should you go for a specific extended warranty?

Ans- You should buy an extended warranty & not insurance. We personally recommend Go Warranty. Buy it from anywhere. We just request you to buy your desired products from our affiliate links as it helps this channel without changing the price for you. That is how we earn & make this kind of video for you.

NUMBER 1- Best 65 Inch TV in India 2022

Sony X80AJ & Samsung Frame

There are 2 TVs in number 1 position in the list of best 65-inch TV- Sony X80AJ & Samsung Frame 2021. Both are opposite to one another but they both are equally amazing. They both have certain pros & cons. Understand your needs before making a decision.

1. Sony X80AJ- Best 65 Inch TV in India 2022

Sony X80AJ & X80J are same TVs. There are 2 differences- X80AJ is an online-only model (slightly cheaper) whereas X80J is both an online & offline model (expensive). Sony X80AJ has Motion Flow XR100 whereas X80J has Motion Flow XR200. Otherwise their picture & sound quality are the same. Sony X80AJ has an IPS DLED panel (amazing). We did its complete unboxing & the video is available on our channel. It supports HDR10, HLG & Dolby Vision.

All the video formats play the content smoothly. Its peak HDR brightness is 480 nits (good). The blacks are good despite being an IPS panel. Darks are not as good as of VA panel but the IPS panel is so good that the blacks are deep. They are definitely not dark grey or dark blue. Sony’s colour profile is absolutely perfect. No colour is over or less saturated. The colours are exactly like real-life colours. The colour profile is natural which is beautiful. Blacks are good.

Sony X80AJ 65 Inch
Sony X80AJ 65 Inch
Design Thin Bezel Design, Plastic Body, with Metal Stand
Panel8 BIT FRC IPS DLED Panel; Peak HDR Brightness 480 Nits; HDR 10, HLG & Dolby Vision (Bright & Dark)
Video Features4K HDR X1 Processor, X-Reality Pro; Live Color Technology; Triluminos Pro Display; Motionflow XR 200, Object-based HDR; Frame Dimming; Dynamic Contrast Enhancer
Connectivity Options 4 HDMI (1eARC), 2 USB, Optical Audio Port, Headphone Jack; Bluetooth 4.2; Dual Band WiFi

Connectivity Options-

Earlier Sony TVs were not Bluetooth compatible but now they are. Sony X80AJ has 4 HDMI, 2 USB, and other essential ports. It has HDMI 2.1 eARC port capped at 60Hz.


Sony has 20W baffle speakers whereas Samsung has 40W speakers. Sony X80AJ costs ₹ 1Lakh (fantastic).

2. Samsung Frame 2021- Best 65 Inch TV in India 2022

We haven’t unboxed and bought Samsung Frame 2021 and that is why its video is not available on our channel. In this article, we are comparing it after thoroughly checking it in the showrooms. Samsung Frame has a VA ELED QLED panel with 500 nits peak HDR brightness (fantastic). It supports HDR10, HDR10+, and HLG but not Dolby Vision which can be a deal-breaker for many people.

The best thing is the variable refresh rate between 50Hz to 120Hz. This is the first proper 65-inch gaming TV below 1 Lakh. It is very thin bezels make it a good-looking TV to watch content on. The Dolby Vision content is played in HDR (not bad) but it is not Dolby Vision. HDR10+ is Samsung’s format & not much content is available in this format but Amazon Prime’s content is HDR10 content.

Samsung Frame 65 inch
Samsung Frame 65 Inch
DesignThin Bezel Design, Plastic Body, Metal Stand
Panel 8 Bit FRC VA ELED QLED Panel, Peak HDR Brightness 500 Nits; HDR 10, HDR 10+, and HLG
Video FeaturesDual LED Tech, Quantum 4K AI Processor, Wide Color Gamut DCI P3 – 100%, Motion Detection in Art Mode; Ambient Sensor; Solar Cell Remote
Connectivity Options 4 HDMI (1eARC + 1HFR High Frame Rate 4K @120Hz), 2 USB, Optical Audio Port; Bluetooth 5.2; Dual Band WiFi

Samsung has bright and amazing picture quality. The colour profile is good without any over-saturation. Yellow is slightly oversaturated but that is manageable. Samsung must have tried to give a warmer tone through this. This can be corrected but it looks fine even without any corrections. Samsung’s blacks are phenomenal. This Samsung Frame TV with a QLED panel gives extremely deep blacks.

Connectivity Options-

Samsung has 4 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, Bluetooth & other ports too. Its 1 HDMI 2.1 eARC port is a fully functional port i.e it has ALLM & has 4K@120 Hz. 4K videos can be smoothly played (wonderful). Its HDMI 2.1 port is a delight for gamers.


Samsung is a clear winner due to its amazing output. 90% of people will not need a soundbar with Samsung Frame. Samsung Frame costs ₹1,30,000.

Which one should you choose?

Gamers and people who don’t care about Dolby Vision must buy Samsung Frame. Sony X80AJ has no gaming facility. Neither there is Variable Refresh Rate nor ALLM. Sony X80J or X80AJ is not for gamers. Gamers must buy Samsung Frame. Nongamers and people who want to enjoy OTT content must go for Sony X80AJ. Understand this difference before you make a choice.

NUMBER 2- Best 65 Inch TV in India 2022

LG UP7720 & Samsung AUE PRO & Hisense U6G QLED TV

We have kept 3 TVs on Number 2-

1) LG UP7720 with IPS DLED panel & 350 nits peak HDR brightness.

2) Samsung AUE Pro with 8 bit FRC VA ELED panel & 350 nits brightness (good).

3) the Third choice is Hisense U6G QLED TV.

Both LG and Samsung support HDR10 & HLG but not Dolby Vision. LG has IPS & Samsung has a VA panel. VA panel is best for viewing TV from the front as it has deep blacks but not wider viewing angles. The IPS panel is good for watching TV from the sides, and in case of more lights in the room. LG has an IPS panel with wider viewing angles but not deep blacks.

Picture quality- Best 65 Inch TV in India 2022

All 3 have the almost same price. LG has an IPS panel with 350 nits brightness. Its picture quality and the panel are good. Picture quality is well optimized with amazing colour calibration. The colour profile is natural with good colours.

Samsung has a VA panel with 350 bits brightness. The panel is good with good quality backlight LED which produces even brightness. The colour & brightness loss is high in wider viewing angles as it is a VA panel.

Hisense QLED U6G has a VA QLED DLED panel with 500 nits brightness. The company’s claim of 700 nits brightness is applicable on10% or 20% window. The TV can illuminate the darker areas by using 700 nits brightness (fantastic). It comes with full-array local dimming due to which the backlight completely switches off during darker scenes like the night sky scenes. It is an expensive tech.

Samsung, Sony, and other brands provide this tech in TVs above 1 Lakhs. Hisense gives it in this price range. The choice is yours. Hisense is a clear winner in terms of picture quality. You need to see which brand you rely on. You are the best judge as you know your needs the best.

Wider Viewing Angles- best 65 inch smart tv in india

There is no issue with wider viewing angles in a QLED TV. The colour loss will be visible at 30° but at 50° or above. Samsung TV will have issues with wider viewing angles. LG TV has no such issues.

OS- best 65 inch smart tv in india

LG has Web OS. Samsung has Tizen OS & Hisense comes with Android 9 out of the box. No apps can be externally downloaded in Web OS & Tizen OS. All important apps like Netflix, Amazon, etc are already there but external apps can’t be downloaded. Android 9 has Google Playstore and apps can be downloaded externally.

Storage- Best 65 Inch TV in India 2022

Samsung and LG have 3 GB whereas Hisense has 11 GB of usable storage. 11GB storage comes in handy when you download apps externally. This is not possible in Samsung & LG and that is why they don’t have much storage. Storage can’t be a negative point.

ALLM- Best 65 Inch TV in India 2022

The positive point is ALLM. For gamers, their search ends here. ALLM is found in good TVs like LG 7720 (fantastic). It reduces input lag. The commands via remote are followed quickly in LG TV. Neither Samsung nor Hisense has ALLM.

Audio- Best 65 Inch TV in India 2022

They are almost the same in the audio department. Hisense has 24W whereas LG & Samsung have 20W speakers. 4W is not a major difference. All 3 TVs sound good but average. An external soundbar is essential for good audio quality as a 65-inch TV is placed in bigger rooms.

Pros and Cons- best 65 inch 4k tv in India 2022

First, let’s discuss the pros & cons of Hisense. Hisense lacks ALLM, and HDMI 2.1 eARC port despite its heavy cost. The lack of an HDMI 2.1 eARC port is a major con. LG has HDMI 2.1 eARC port but it has only 2 HDMI ports and 1 USB port (bad). Samsung AUE70 has 3 HDMI (1 HDMI 2.1 eARC) & 2 USB ports. Rest connectivity options are the same in all 3. They all have Bluetooth & headphones can be paired for enjoyment.

Cost- best 65 inch 4k tv in India 2022

Their cost while shooting was ₹90K. Samsung AUE70 & Hisense U6G QLED have a 1-year comprehensive warranty but LG has a 3-year warranty right now. However, it might change later.

LG UP7720 65 Inch
LG UP7720 65 Inch
Samsung AUE70 Pro 65 Inch
Samsung AUE70 Pro 65 Inch
q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B099JXV154&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=IN&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=webvm 21&language=en IN
Hisense U6G 65 Inch
 LG UP7720Samsung AUE ProHisense QLED U6G
DesignThin Bezel Design, Plastic Body, Plastic StandThin Bezel Design, Plastic Body, Plastic StandThin Bezel Design, Plastic Body, with Metal Stand
Panel 8 BIT FRC IPS DLED Panel; Peak HDR Brightness 350 Nits; HDR 10 and HLG Support8 BIT FRC VA ELED Panel; Peak HDR Brightness 350 Nits; HDR 10 and HLG Support8 BIT FRC VA DLED QLED Panel; Peak HDR Brightness 475-500 Nits; HDR 10, HLG, Dolby Vision
Video Features Filmmaker Mode; AI Picture and AI Sound;   HDR Gaming with ALLMCrystal 4K Processor; Motion Xcelerator, Pur Color & Contrast Enhancer; PC on TV, Q SymphonyFull-Array Local Dimming with 32/64 Zones
Connectivity Options2 HDMI (1eARC), 1 USB, Optical Audio Port, LAN port; 2-way Bluetooth 5.0; Dual Band WiFi3 HDMI (1eARC), 1 USB, Optical Audio Port, NO Headphone Jack; Bluetooth 5.2; Dual Band WiFi3 HDMI (1ARC), 2 USB, Optical Audio Port & Headphone Jack; Bluetooth 5.0; Dual Band WiFi

Number 3- Best 65 Inch TV in India 2022

Hisense Tornado

Number 3 in our list of best 65 inch TV in India 2022 is Hisense Tornado with 8 bit FRC VA DLED panel & more than 450 nits peak HDR brightness. It supports HDR10, HLG & Dolby Vision. It is a good panel with good picture quality & not a flat profile. The colours are neither over-saturated nor flat. They are close to natural colour profile. Colours neither pop out nor are they flat. It is exactly what you need.

450 nits brightness with deep blacks and fantastic contrast ratio is good. Its picture quality is the same as Hisense A71F. The difference is that this TV has a built-in JBL 102W soundbar which is front firing. Don’t mistake it as an actual 100W soundbar. An external 100W soundbar will definitely outperform this 100W soundbar as it will have a subwoofer too. This soundbar however fulfils most of your needs except that of a cinematic experience.

It is a good TV but there is an issue with connectivity options. It has 3 HDMI & 2 USB ports along with other ports but HDMI 2.1 eARC port is missing. Understand this- gamers should buy the next TV as it has ALLM.

Non-Gamers can go for this TV. HDMI 2.1 eARC ports pass through the signal to a Dolby Atmos soundbar. The atmos are just virtual. Atmos is not available on any TV in this range. Otherwise, it has good picture quality.

It comes with Android 9 out of the box which is fine as Android 9,10 & 11 have Google OS and have the same pattern of displaying content. It has 11 GB usable storage out of 16GB.

Hisense Tornado 65 inch
Hisense Tornado 65 inch
Design Thin Bezel Design, Plastic Body, with Plastic Stand
Panel 8 BIT FRC VA DLED Panel; Peak HDR Brightness 450 Nits; HDR 10, HLG & Dolby Vision
Video Features4K Video Upscaler, Sports Mode, Ultra Dimming, Backlight Control
Connectivity Options 3 HDMI (1ARC), 2 USB, Optical Audio Port & Headphone Jack; Bluetooth 5.0; Dual Band WiFi

Cons- it lacks HDMI 2.1 eARC port. Gamers should skip this TV. People who want Dolby Atmos decoding should avoid it. Consider the other options. Right now it costs ₹68,000.

Number 4- Best 65 Inch TV in India 2022

Redmi TV

Number 4 in our list of best 65 inch TV in India 2022 is Redmi TV. It has an 8 bit FRC IPS ELED panel but Xiaomi doesn’t claim it. Xiaomi never clears which panel it ships in Redmi TV. They ship according to availability. But mostly you get an IPS panel in the 65-inch range (good). This IPS panel is good.

Its brightness is approx 330 nits but Redmi’s colour optimization is better than Nokia’s. Red & green are over-saturated and it is good for the Indian audience. As compared to Nokia TV, Redmi TV has brighter reds & greens which makes the picture quality warmer.

Despite 300 nits, this TV looks warmer & livelier. Slightly warmer colours give better picture quality with low brightness. We kept it above Nokia TV due to its slightly better picture quality. It has 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, and all essential ports with Bluetooth. Its HDMI 2.1 eARC port comes with ALLM (fantastic).

Redmi TV 65 Inch
Redmi TV 65 Inch
DesignThin Bezel Design, Metal Frame, Metal Stand
Panel8 BIT FRC IPS DLED Panel with HDR 10, HDR 10+, HLG & Dolby Vision; Peak HDR Brightness 330 Nits
Video FeaturesVivid Picture Engine; Adaptive Brightness; Wide Color Gamut NTSC 85%, DCI-P3 92%; ALLM
Connectivity Options3 HDMI 2.1 (1 eARC), 2 USB, Optical Audio Port & Headphone Jack; Bluetooth 5.0; Dual Band WiFi

Auto Low Latency Mode is good for gaming. It is a part of HDMI 2.1 but not every brand offers it. ALLM decreases input lag. Redmi 65 inches is the deal for gamers in the budget range. It is an amazing option with an IPS panel.  You get Android 10 out of the box with Chromecast support.

It has Patchwall 4 skin on top of Android. The content will be the same in both Android and Patchwall. The difference is how that content is displayed. It comes with 30W bottom-firing speakers that support Dolby Atmos & DTS Virtual X. It doesn’t have cinematic audio but you will get Dolby Atmos passthrough if your soundbar supports Dolby Atmos (good).

It is a good TV with Xiaomi’s Reality Flow Technology capped at 60 FPS. It is a software-based MEMC that works on average and doesn’t reduce motion blur. Turn it off for the best experience. There is no motion blur. It gives better picture quality by turning off Motion Reality Flow. It costs ₹60,000.

Number 5- Best 65 Inch TV in India 2022

Nokia TV

Number 5 in my list of best 65-inch TV in India 2022 is Nokia TV. Nokia TV with Onkyo soundbar is a good TV with 330 nits peak HDR brightness, HDR10, HLG & Dolby support. It has an 8 bit FRC VA DLED panel (good). The brightness is evenly distributed. The picture quality is quite close to the natural colour profile (not exactly natural). No colour is exaggerated or over-saturated (beautiful).

It comes with a 48W Onkyo built-in front-firing soundbar & you might not even need an external soundbar. But for a cinematic experience, an external soundbar is a must.

You get Android 11 out of the box with Chromecast support but there is one issue- Android 11 is heavy & takes more space due to which the free usable storage is just 7.5GB out of 16GB. All three- Android 9, 10 & 11 have Google OS (wonderful).

All Android TVs look the same after turning them on. The difference will be in the number of versions. All Android TVs with 11 version have lesser storage as it is heavy. It has 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, and other essential ports with Bluetooth. Its 1 HDMI 2.1 eARC port will directly decide Dolby Atmos.

DesignThin Bezel Design, Plastic Body, with Metal Stand
Panel8 BIT FRC VA DLED Panel; Peak HDR Brightness 330 Nits; Contrast Ratio 5000:1, HDR 10, HLG, Dolby Vision
Video FeaturesEye Protect Mode; Micro Dimming (No Zones Declared)
Connectivity Options3 HDMI (2.1 eARC), 2 USB (3.0 Port), SPDIF Port   Headphone Jack; 2 Way Bluetooth 5.0; Dual Band WiFi

Cons- First problem- its USB 2.0 & USB 3.0 are not properly functional. This could be a software glitch. We don’t know whether Nokia will resolve it or not. This is a con of this TV. Second- its picture quality is good but the brightness is not that fantastic.

With 400-450 nits brightness, this flat profile picture quality would have been amazing. But due to less brightness & flat picture profile, this TV looks dull in many situations. Right now it costs ₹56K- ₹58K. If there is no other TV to consider, then it is good.



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