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The 55-Inch category is an extremely confusing TV category due to a large number of options. Moreover, some of the highly advertised features by the brands are nothing but gimmicks. So what should the person do? This article is your way out of this trap.

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Let’s talk about the mobile brands that entered this segment of TVs- Mi TV 5X, Redmi TV, Realme SLED TV, OnePlus U1S TV, TCL P715 & IFFALCON K61. We have grouped them together due to their low brightness or their not-so-good colour reproduction. Our pick is Mi TV 5X.

Mi TV 5X- Best 55 inch TV in India 2021

Mi TV 5X comes with 4K Ultra HD resolution, 60Hz refresh rate, and reality flow tech. It has an 8 bit FRC VA/IPS DLED Panel (most likely a VA panel). Its peak HDR Brightness is 275 Nits. It supports HDR10, HDR10+, HLG, and Dolby Vision. Instead of focusing on NTSC & DCI P3 ratio, concentrate on its adaptive brightness tech. Sensors will detect low light and reduce brightness which is useful at night.

The far-field microphones will hear and follow commands (a good feature). The patch wall 4 interfaces on its OS is Xiaomi’s skin which makes the OS lag. Overall experience is not bad. It is just laggy and has bugs. The best thing about connectivity ports is its 3 HDMI 2.1 ports.

The 40W audio is above average. It is not cinematic but a soundbar is not needed. It has 1 year comprehensive & 1-year warranty on the panel. Right now it costs ₹48,000 (launch price).

Pros & Cons- Best 55 inch TV in India 2021

It is a fantastic TV for SD & HD channels due to the over-saturated red colour. Miracast support is not fluent with other brand devices. It didn’t work with OnePlus but it worked like butter with Redmi or Xiaomi phones. NTSC and DCI P3 ratio mean ‘more colors’ and not ‘better colors’. The extra red tint is not a natural profile colour. This TV is good for people who like a red tint or bright colors with a red tint.

Alternate option- Best 55 inch TV in India 2021

Its alternate option is none other than Redmi TV. They have the same parent company and same panel but a few different features. Redmi TV and Mi TV 5X have the same panel with the same brightness. Only a few changes are there.

The best TVs under ₹40,000- Best 55 inch TV in India 2021

Options in the hot-selling category i.e. ₹40,000 are- Sanyo Kaizen, Hisense A71F, Hisense Tornado, VU Action, VU Premium, VU Ultra, Motorola ZX Pro, Motorola Revou, Toshiba TV and Nokia TV. Our pick is Hisense Tornado, Hisense A71F, VU ULTRA, VU Premium, or VU Action TV. The same panel has been used in all these TVs. Buy a TV for its good picture quality. They have 4K Ultra HD RESOLUTION, 60Hz refresh rate, and 8 bit FRC VA DLED Panel with 400Nits peak HDR brightness. It supports HDR10, HLG, and Dolby Vision. Their contrast ratio is 4000:1 (good). The backlight control feature is over-hyped. It is available on all TVs.

The Ultra Dimming feature is also over-hyped and causes no enhancement in picture quality. We appreciate this picture’s quality due to its colors (natural) and contrast. The software is the same- Android 9. Their CPU has been downgraded from Cortex A55  to Cortex A53 due to worldwide chip shortage but this causes no change in picture quality. There are no lags as the GPU is the same- Mali 470 MP3.

Hisense Tornado or Action TV have a 100W-102W in-built soundbar. This soundbar is sufficient to uplift the average audio quality. There is no need for an external Soundbar. The 39W audio in Hisense A71F, VU Premium, and VU Ultra is average. The major issue is the lack of an HDMI 2.1 port and eARC. It has 1 year comprehensive and extra 3 years warranty on the panel. The Warranty package keeps changing. Make sure you check it before you buy it. Right now it costs ₹50,000.

 Hisense tornado vs VU cinema action: Hisense Tornado and VU Action TV are ditto the same. The same panel is used in all these TVs with a 0% change in their picture quality. The difference is in Audio quality. Don’t buy Tornado or Cinema Action TV if you have a soundbar. Go for Hisense A71F, VU Premium or VU Ultra TV as the soundbar will enhance the audio quality itself. The in-built soundbar in Tornado TV stops when an external soundbar is plugged in. You must buy Tornado and Action TV if you don’t have a soundbar.

Pros and cons- Best 55 inch TV in India 2021

Their pros and cons are the same. Their picture quality is good and has a natural profile with good brightness. It supports Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos can be decoded. The 100W in-built soundbar only decodes Dolby Atmos indirectly. Dolby Atmos can’t be decoded with an HDMI ARC port. A firestick is essential.

A big con is the lack of an HDMI 2.1 port and an eARC port. Android 9 is both a pro and a con. Android 9 is a con for many but there is no significant change in Android 9 and Android 10 except for some good features in Android 10. These would be good bate with Android 10.

Alternate option- Best 55 inch TV in India 2021

The alternate option is none other than an IPS panel as Hisense and VU TVs perform well in less brightness. Their contrast doesn’t work in more bright rooms. Thus the alternate option with the IPS panel is Motorola ZX Pro which is brilliant TV with LG’s panel. 400 Nits brightness with LG’s panel makes it a beautiful TV. There are no issues with colours or contrast. You can overcome the problem of watching it at the night by using fox light.

The most confusing options- Samsung AUE60, Samsung AUE70, Samsung AU7700 & Samsung AU8000- Best 55 inch TV in India 2021

The 4 TVs which people are mostly confused about are Samsung AUE60, Samsung AUE70, Samsung AU7700 & Samsung AU8000. Our pick is Samsung AUE60 & AUE70. They have the same 4K Ultra HD resolution, 60Hz refresh rate and 8-bit FRC VA ELED panel with 359 Nits peak HDR brightness. They support HDR and HLG. The best thing among video features is the Pur color & contrast enhancer. The contrast is good with the best blacks but due to its not that good colors, it is on this rank. It is a good TV but it produces average colors. We will give 7.5 out of 10 colors.

Everybody knows Tizen OS is not Android and they must not be compared. Samsung’s Tizen OS is not much smooth, but it’ll not lag in the future. It is light software. Android OS lags after 2-3 years but Tizen OS has no such issues. Samsung app store doesn’t have many apps and apks can’t be downloaded. All Samsung TVs have the same issue. You can buy other TVs with Android OS if this is an issue.

It has 1 HDMI 2.1 eARC port which is enough in the budget range. There is no headphone jack. Otherwise, this is a good TV with all the good features. 3GB storage is enough as not many apps can be downloaded. Its audio is average as 20W audio in 59-inch TV is less.

A soundbar is a must for a cinematic experience. At 75%, its 20W audio performs just average. The ideal volume percentage should be between 30-40%. It has 1 year comprehensive and 1-year extra warranty on the panel. Right now it costs ₹58,000.

Pros and Cons- Best 55-inch TV in India 2021

Picture quality & contrast is good but not viewing angles. This is a VA panel and an IPS panel TV is good for viewing angles. At 45°, there is no color or brightness loss. Samsung has used good quality backlight LEDs. The picture quality and contrast are good. The colors are not vivid. Samsung’s priority is brightness and they brighten up the light areas. Not much work is done on colors. 4K content can’t be played on the Hotstar app. It will play in FHD.

The difference between AUE60 & AUE70 is that AUE60 doesn’t have a voice control remote (no voice assistant) whereas AUE70 (crystal pro) supports a voice assistant. If you want a voice assistant, then go for AUE70. Otherwise, AUE60 is equally good.

Alternate option- Best 55 inch TV in India 2021

AU8000 is the alternate option in Best 55-inch TV in India 2021. There is a difference in picture quality & colors between AU8000 and AUE60 or AUE70. Brightness is the same. Due to the better processor, color Optimization is good in 8000H. AU8000H is costlier. At this price, there are far better TVs. We recommend you buy another TV than AU8000H.

Second most confused category is- LG UP7500, LG UP7720 & LG UN7300

Options in the most confusing category are under Best 55 inch TV in India 2021- LG UP7500, LG UP7720 & LG UN7300. Our pick is LG UP7500 or LG UP7720. They come with 4K Ultra HD Resolution and a 60 Hz refresh rate. They have 8 bit FRC IPS/VA DLED panel with 330 Nits peak HDR brightness. They support HDR and HLG. We have chosen them due to LG’s far better colour optimization and reproduction.

Colour optimization means how brands want to show colors on screen. Colour reproduction is the color shown by the panel via that color optimization. LG is slightly above due to better color optimization and reproduction.

LG has claimed that its Filmmaker mode works just like Dolby Vision. The filmmaker is not bad but it’s not Dolby Vision. It just works like Dolby Vision. It is a different video format. It tries to show a warmer tone but it isn’t Dolby Vision.

The Auto Low Latency Mode is brilliant for gamers. Despite the 60Hz refresh rate, the ALLM is good. The Web OS works beautifully. All apps are on the home screen along with the suggested content which is exactly like Android 10. Not many apps can be downloaded from LG OS. If that’s a concern, don’t buy any LG TV. The connectivity options are disappointing as there are only 2 HDMI ports (1eARC) and just 1 USB port.

It is impossible to connect the soundbar, set-top box, and gaming console at one time due to only 2 HDMI ports. Even in the Nano series, only 2 HDMI ports are given. There are no other issues. Otherwise, this is an amazing TV. Its 20W audio is better than Samsung. It is slightly above average. For cinematic sound, a soundbar or home theatre is essential specifically for a 55-inch TV placed in big rooms. They come with 1 year comprehensive and 1-year extra warranty on the panel. Right now UP7500 costs ₹55,000.

Which one to buy?

UP7500 can be shipped with any panel but most people received VA panels. For low-light rooms or for the night, UP7500 is the best option with a VA panel. It lacks a magic remote but it can be purchased separately for approx ₹1,000. This will become a smart TV. In 7720, the bezels are small and beautiful whereas, in 7750, bezels are thick or medium-sized. 7720 comes with a magic remote. 7720 is mostly shipped with an IPS panel which is good for bright rooms, and for wider viewing angles. It is good at night with fox lights. Their blacks and color reproduction are good.

QLED TVs- Best 55 inch TV in India 2021

I have kept QLED TVs separate and my options are- Mi QLED, Hisense QLED, TCL QLED, and iFFalcon QLED. I haven’t seen Hisense QLED TV yet. We still recommend Hisense QLED TV as Hisense’s picture quality (color optimization and color reproduction) is better. Hisense has openly declared 700nits brightness and Full Array panel due to which we recommend it. Other TVs give 250-300 Nits peak HDR brightness whereas Hisense gives 700 Nits brightness. This transforms into good picture quality. The more the brightness, the more is the variety of colors. A single color has Lakhs of shades and to show them, more brightness is significant. Thus brightness becomes a prominent factor to choose a TV.

It supports HDR10, HDR10+, HLG, and Dolby Vision. You will genuinely enjoy as it’s brightness will lighten up the dark areas in Dolby Vision.  This is a full array panel (local dimming). The LEDs will turn on and off as per the need. Local Dimming of 32 zones is just fine. Well, something is better than nothing. It has Android OS 9 (not 10) which is disappointing. The latest software has not been updated. It has a Cortex A53 CPU (not A55) due to a global chip shortage.

The eARC port is missing which is there in Mi QLED. Even TCL and iFFalcon don’t have an eARC port. Its 24W audio will be average. On the basis of our comprehensive testing of other Hisense TVs, we can say that its picture quality will be good but its audio quality will be average. A soundbar is essential for good audio. It will be launched for under ₹60,000.

This TV is good for content but not for gamers due to the lack of ALLM. Input lag will be less but we are not expecting the moon. Mi QLED also costs ₹60,000. We would pick Hisense due to its fantastic brightness and amazing picture calibration.

Alternate option- Best 55 inch TV in India 2021

The alternate option is Mi QLED TV. It has good picture quality but there is an overall yellowish tint. 90% of people won’t even observe it. Otherwise, this is a fantastic TV. Hisense has 700nits brightness whereas Mi QLED TV has an HDMI 2.1 eARC port.

The best 55-inch TV between ₹79,000-75,000- Best 55 inch TV in India 2021

Our options between ₹79,000-75,000 55-inch TV are Sony X80J, Sony X80AJ, Samsung AU9070, Sony X75H, Sony X74H, LG NANO 73, and LG NANO 80. Our pick is Sony X80AJ. It has 4K Ultra HD resolution, 60Hz refresh rate, 8 bit FRC IPS DLED panel with 400 Nits peak HDR brightness. It supports HDR10, HLG, and Dolby Vision (dark and bright). It has Sony’s new 4K X1 picture processor and Dynamic contrast enhancer to improve picture quality and contrast which provides deep blacks despite being an IPS panel.

The only difference between Sony X80AJ and Sony X80J is that Sony X80AJ has motion flow XR100 and X80J has motion flow XR200. Rest everything is the same. We strongly recommend Sony X80AJ. All the shortcomings of previous models have been resolved in Sony X80AJ. It has triluminos Pro Display and Android 10 OS. Most importantly, it supports Apple Airplay 2 and Google Assistant along with Built-in Chromecast.

The eARC support is amazing (not given in X74 & X75). This is a basic necessity nowadays. Its 20W bass reflex speakers are better than X75 & X74. They are more Bhoomi with slightly more bass. The vocals are good. We will rate them above average. The cinematic experience is guaranteed with a soundbar. Otherwise too, its audio experience is above average. It has a 1-year warranty. We wish there was an extra warranty as well. Right now it costs ₹80,000.

Pros and Cons- Best 55 inch TV in India 2021

The picture quality is fabulous. The colours are exactly natural (nothing artificial). There is no sort of tint. The picture quality and colours are vivid. NTSC and DCI P3 ratios have no relevance with how we rate picture quality. The blacks are not too deep as it is an IPS panel. The contrast enhancer is good. Don’t expect the moon from its Frame Dimming. It improves contrast and blacks but it can’t work like Sony’s or Samsung’s VA panel TVs. Use fox lights to watch at night.

The motion blur is less. Its upscaling capabilities are good. SD channels were OK but HD channels were amazingly upscaled. Content is really enjoyable due to Dark and Bright Dolby Vision. The alternate option is LG Nano 80. It is an amazing IPS panel TV with a full-array panel. A filter is placed in front of the LED which LG has called Nanotech. Sony has used the same tech but it has not been promoted separately.

All TVs use the same filter. Sony has better colours than Nano80. Sony X80AJ & X80J has better punch and clarity than Nano 80. That’s why our first pick is Sony X80AJ and the second pick is Nano 80. Our second alternate option is Sony X80J under Best 55 inch TV in India 2021.

The best 55 inch TV under  ₹1,00,000- Best 55 inch TV in India 2021

Our options under ₹1,00,000 are Sony X85J, Samsung Frame 2021, Samsung Serif, Samsung Q60A, and Samsung Q70T. After proper analysis, the clean winner is Samsung Frame 2021. It has a 4K Ultra HD resolution and a 50Hz to 120Hz variable refresh rate. It has an 8 bit FRC VA ELED QLED Panel with 500 Nits peak HDR brightness. It supports HDR10, HDR10+ & HLG.

The noticeable thing is ‘Dual LED tech’. 2 LEDs are used in the backlight- a normal LED and a warm LED. Warm light throws yellowish colour through which the colours look vibrant. The colours are more lifelike. This enhances picture quality. Normal LED shows normal colours. Their combination doesn’t give over-saturated colours rather colours become lifelike. 100% DCI P3 means absolutely lifelike colours. There is no issue with colours.

This Samsung TV with VA panel shows deep blacks. 500 nits peak HDR brightness is enough. Remember that it doesn’t support Dolby Vision. It is a smart TV but its ambient sensors attracted us the most. The brightness of the picture quality will change as per ambience. TV will automatically lower the brightness at night.

Recent Mi TV 5X has the same feature. Samsung’s solar remote is highly applauded. It has Tizen OS. Tizen OS is not Android OS and hence there is no Play Store. Samsung app store has limited apps. It is a light OS and won’t lag in 2-3 years, unlike Android OS. Google play store can be downloaded with a firestick. The Internet is full of videos explaining this. Picture quality must be the criteria to select a TV.

Connectivity options are good as out of 4 HDMI ports, 1HFR 4K @ 120Hz is fantastic. Its 40W audio is far above average. Normal users don’t need a soundbar. A home theatre or a soundbar is essential for a cinematic experience. It has a 1-year comprehensive warranty and an extra 1-year warranty on the panel. Right now it costs ₹94,000.

Pros and Cons- Best 55 inch TV in India 2021

Its variable refresh rate is amazing as it reduces motion blur. Motion blur is an issue in bigger sizes but this TV solves this issue. It reduces motion blur by 60%-70%. Its 4k @ 120Hz is amazing. Its picture quality is fantastic with superb colors, amazing panel, good contrast, and good blacks. Don’t expect the blacks of OLED. This is amazing in this price range.

Cons of Best 55-inch TV in India 2021- It lacks Dolby Vision support. Only Netflix and Hotstar show Dolby Vision content. 4K content will not be played on Hotstar on this TV. Avoid it if these are deal-breakers for you. Dolby Vision is a panel’s feature and it cannot be achieved from the outside. No Samsung panel supports Dolby Vision. For Dolby Vision, go for LG or Sony.

Alternate option- Best 55 inch TV in India 2021

The alternate option is Q70T (last year’s model) with amazing picture quality. It has fantastic picture quality just like in Samsung Frame. Its form factor is a bit different. You pay for the frame in  Samsung Frame but Q70T is all about picture quality. It has the best picture quality in this range. If Dolby Vision is your priority, then go for alternate option 2- Sony X85J under Best 55-inch TV in India 2021. It is not number 1 due to its high cost. X80J is far above our target of  ₹1,00,000.



















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