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Choose wisely – comparison between 39 TVs | best 43 inch 4k TV under 25000 | Best 43 inch smart TV in India

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43-inch Full HD Budget range TVs- Best 43 inch smart TV in India

First, let’s talk about 43-inch Full HD Budget range TVs and my options in this segment are- Mi TV horizon, Redmi TV, Nokia TV, Sanyo Kaizen TV, Onida Fire TV, Hisense FHD TV, VU FHD TV, iFFalcon FHD TV, and Realme TV. My pick in this category is Nokia TV.

Nokia TV- Best 43 inch smart TV in India

Nokia TV comes with FHD Resolution and a 60Hz Refresh Rate. It has an 8 bit VA DLED Panel with 325 Nits peak HDR brightness. Its static contrast ratio is 3000:1. It has Micro dimming with 512 zones. It supports Dolby Vision which is generally not available on FHD TV.

Nokia TV stands out because of its Audio Option. Nokia’s built-in 39W Onkyo soundbar is far better than 20W audios of other TVs. This makes it a compelling option in this budget and price range. Nokia gives a 1-year warranty and right now it costs ₹30,000.


This is a good VA panel TV. Its Micro dimming feature is just average. Apart from a good contrast ratio, its micro-dimming is a good feature. Its blacks are good as compared to other FHD TVs. Its 325 Nits brightness is not less. The best thing is its upscaling capabilities of SD and HD channels. All FHD TVs depict good HD and SD channels but this TV, they are better due to its good brightness.


Dolby Vision at 325 Nits brightness is not the real Dolby Vision which can be seen at the brightness of 400 nits or above.


The 2 alternate options of Nokia TV– Best 43 inch smart TV in India

Sanyo Kaizen TV and Redmi TV are the two alternatives. Redmi has launched a new FHD 43-inch model whereas Sanyo FHD 43-inch TV is already quite famous. They both are almost the same except for some minor differences. Their panel is almost the same with 512 Micro Dimming zones and they have the same brightness.

The difference is that Sanyo Kaizen has 20W speakers whereas Nokia has a 39W in-built Onkyo Soundbar. We are giving it as an option as we think it is a copy of Mi TV horizon.

Budget 43-inch 4K TVs– Best 43 inch smart TV in India

Now let’s talk about budget 43-inch 4K TVs and our options are- Nokia TV, Sanyo Kaizen TV, Hisense A71F, Hisense A6GE, VU Premium TV, VU Ultra TV, Motorola TV, Toshiba TV, Mi TV 5X, Realme TV, iFFalcon K61, and TCL P715 TV. Our personal pick is Hisense A71F, VU Premium, and VU Ultra TV.  

Hisense A71F, VU Premium and VU Ultra TV– Best 43 inch smart TV in India

They come with 4K Ultra HD resolution and a 60Hz refresh rate. They have 8 bit FRC VA DLED Panel whose peak HDR Brightness reached up to 400 Nits. It supports HDR10, HLG, and Dolby Vision. It has Ultra Dimming which we think is average. This is the best as compared to the rest because of its color reproduction. Hisense and VU have changed their CPU from A55 to A53 which is a slight downgrade. It is due to the global chip shortage but it doesn’t create any problems in TV.

We think the 24W audio quality in these TVs is average. A good soundbar is vital for a cinematic experience. The upscaling of their SD and HD channels is good and no external soundbar is required for them. But for a better experience, a budget soundbar is essential. Hisense gives a 1-year comprehensive warranty and right now it costs ₹32,000.

Pros- Best 43 inch smart TV in India

It has amazing picture quality. Picture quality is of 2 types- 1. Colour Optimization (how the colours must be shown). Every brand decides it according to them. 2. Panel’s colour reproduction. In this TV, both the colour Optimization and colour reproduction is good which is why we recommend it. It has a natural colour profile with good brightness which helps you to enjoy it. Its upscaling capabilities are good.

Cons- Best 43 inch smart TV in India

It comes with Android 9 and we don’t think Hisense will update it. It still lacks an HDMI eARC port. These TVs are good for rooms with less light and for people who watch TV at night.

Its alternate option- Best 43 inch smart TV in India

Motorola ZX Pro is good for bright rooms. Its IPS panel (taken from LG) is good. Its 325 Nits peak HDR brightness is good. Motorola ZX Pro is the answer to a good IPS panel and for bright rooms.

A6GE has 300 Nits brightness instead of 400 Nits brightness of A71F. That’s why it is our second alternate option. Rest everything is the same including operating software, connectivity options, and audio quality.

The best 43-inch TV under ₹50,000– best 43 inch smart tv in india

We have given 2 options in the best 43-inch TV under ₹50,000. They have completely different features and picture quality. To compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges, we have decided to keep them into 2 sections.

1st section AUE60 or AUE70– best 43 inch smart tv in india

We will compare 4 TVs (Samsung AUE60, Samsung AUE70, Samsung AU7700 and Samsung AU 8000). My personal pick is AUE60 or AUE70. It comes with 4K Ultra HD Resolution and a 60Hz refresh rate. It has an 8 Bit FRC VA ELED panel with 350 Nits peak HDR brightness. It supports HDR10 & HLG but not Dolby Vision. Its Contrast Enhancer technology actually enhances the contrast in picture quality.

The contrast is really good. Viewing angles take a deep pit. NoVA panel shows good viewing angles but in this TV, the viewing angles decline more due to its Contrast Enhancer feature. There is a 30% brightness and colour loss on extreme sides. Though, it is perfectly up to 45° in a room with low light. Don’t use it in bright rooms.

Talking about audio quality and software; its Tizen OS is good and smooth but there are a few lags sometimes. Android OS is not a benchmark to decide a TV. Content is what matters and not OS. Only a few apps are available on all Samsung TVs. No app can be externally uploaded or downloaded. This is not a con but a feature as Samsung and LG want to lock their interface which is absolutely OK.

This OS is 7.5 to 8 out of 10. Its audio is average in big rooms. But you may get a cinematic experience by plugging in a soundbar. Talking about Upscaling Capabilities- the Upscaling of SD, HD channels and the content played via USB is good. Right now it costs approx ₹42,000. 

Pros- Best 43 inch smart TV in India

This is a good TV with good colours but certainly not the best. It has deep contrast and deep blacks, which Samsung is famous for. Its viewing angles disappoint us a bit but its connectivity options are really good. It has an eARC port and Dolby Atmos can be achieved directly through this port.

Cons- Best 43 inch smart TV in India

It lacks Dolby Vision support which can’t be achieved. Dolby Vision content will be played in HDR format. In Hotstar, the maximum resolution is FHD. 4K content will also be played in FHD. This line is between Disney and Hotstar. Till the time this fight stays, you’ll get FHD as the maximum resolution. Rest all the content in all apps will be played as per your choice.

The difference between AUE60 & AUE70- Best 43 inch smart TV in India

There is only a minor difference between AUE60 & AUE70. AUE60 lacks a Microphone button for voice command whereas AUE70 has it. That is the only difference. AUE60 will not support any assistance whereas AUE70 will. For Voice Assistant, go for AUE70, otherwise, you can save approx ₹3000 by buying AUE60. Samsung AUE 8000 is a better TV than AUE60 & AUE70 but it is also costlier (approx ₹10,000) than these TVs.

The best option in 43-inch TV Under ₹40,000- best 43 inch smart tv in India

Under ₹40,000 the best option in 43-inch TV are- LG UP7500, LG UP7720 & LG UN7300. The clear winner is LG UP7500 or 7720.

LG UP7500 or 7720- best 43 inch smart tv in India

These are slightly better than AUE60 and AUE70. They have 4K Ultra HD Resolution and a 60Hz refresh rate. They come with an 8 bit FRC IPS/VA DLED panel with 330 Nits peak HDR brightness. They support HDR10 & HLG. Its highlight is its Web OS. Their Web OS 6 is highly optimized. Just like Android TV OS, all the apps are on the home screen. It supports Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Airplay 2.

The noteworthy thing is its fewer connectivity options. There are 2 HDMI ports and only 1 supports eARC. At least 3 HDMI ports should have been there. There is only 1 USB port which is wrong. If you can manage with fewer connectivity options then it’s fine, otherwise, consider Samsung AUE60 or AUE70. Its 20W audio quality is slightly better but not fantastic. It is better than AUE60. LG gives 1 year comprehensive and 1-year warranty on the panel. Right now it costs ₹39,000.

Pros- Best 43 inch smart TV in India

The picture quality of both VA and IPS panels is amazing. There is no choice for panels in LG UP7500. LG will ship the panel according to availability. Mostly VA panel will be shipped. For the IPS panel, go for UP7720. It will come with an IPS panel for sure. VA panel is suitable for rooms with low light while IPS panels perform well in bright rooms.

Some more pros- the picture quality of both the panels is fantastic. It is amazing that the colours are very close to the natural profile. There is a 25% loss in viewing angles in the VA panel which is its basic property. But in the IPS panel, this colour loss is negligible which is its property. Nevertheless, both VA and IPS panels are good.

Cons- Best 43 inch smart TV in India

It lacks Dolby Vision support which is a major con. Dolby Vision content will be played in HDR format. This problem is the same with Samsung and LG budget TVs. Samsung doesn’t support Dolby Vision in any TV while LG budget TVs do not support Dolby Vision. Another major con is their fewer connectivity options. Otherwise, this is one of the best TVs in this price range. LG UP7500 or 7720 are the best TVs among all the other TVs. My alternate option is 7720.

The best TV under ₹60,000- best 43 inch smart tv in India

My options in the best TV under ₹60,000 are- Sony X74, Sony X75, Samsung AU9070, LG Nano 73, and LG NANO 75. My pick is Sony X74 2021 model.

Sony X74 2021 model- best 43 inch smart tv in India

Sony X74 2021 model comes with 4K Ultra HD Resolution and 50Hz refresh rate. It has an 8 bit IPS FRC DLED panel with 360 Nits peak HDR brightness. It supports HDR10 and HLG. Sony has used an X1 picture processor and live colour technology which makes colours amazing despite being an IPS panel.

It has frame Dimming and Motion Flow XR100 technology. We are not a big fan of Motion Flow XR100 as it brings almost no change in motion flow. It will perform better by keeping this off. 50Hz refresh rate is not an issue as this TV performs better by turning off motion flow XR technology than a 60Hz TV. The noteworthy thing is its audio quality.

Its 20W baffle speakers give a fantastic performance. The bass is not punchy but the audio quality is good. Don’t expect a Cinematic experience but they are good enough for an average room. Sony gives a 1-year comprehensive warranty. We wish there was an extra warranty on the panel as well. Right now it costs ₹58,000.

Pros- Best 43 inch smart TV in India

This TV comes in amazing colours. You will actually enjoy watching this TV. The viewing angles of its IPS panel are really good. Its Blacks are good despite being an IPS panel because of Frame Dimming. Frame Dimming is nothing extraordinary but it produces good blacks as compared to other IPS panels.

Cons- Best 43 inch smart TV in India

It lacks the support of Dolby Vision despite its high cost. Connectivity options are fine but there is no eARC port. Dolby atmos can’t be achieved directly but you can achieve it indirectly. Otherwise, this TV will give you the best picture quality experience. You will not make a mistake by buying this TV.

Alternate option- Best 43 inch smart TV in India

Our alternate option is Sony X75. There is only one difference between both of them. Sony X75 has Motion Flow XR200 whereas X74 has Motion Flow XR100. That’s the only difference. Understand this- We consider Motion Flow as a con of Sony TV. We don’t think it is worth it as while our testing we saw motion blur despite keeping motion flow on maximum setting. The motion blur is the same in both Motion Flow technologies.

Its second alternative is Samsung AU9070. Its picture quality is not as good as Sony’s. Be wise and don’t buy a TV with low picture quality. We compare the picture quality. Samsung AU9070 has better picture quality than AUE60 and AUE70. In Sony, you don’t get punchy colours. We are 100% convinced by its 120Hz refresh rate. It is good for gamers but for normal HD and SD content, Sony X74 makes more sense as Sony has better upscaling compared to Samsung.

The best TV under ₹70,000- Best 43 inch smart TV in India

Our options under the best TV under ₹70,000 are- Sony X80J, Samsung Frame, Samsung Serif, Samsung Q60A, and Sony 8000H. My pick is Sony X80J.

Sony X80J- Best 43 inch smart TV in India

It has 4K Ultra HD resolution, 60Hz Refresh Rate, and 8 bit FRC IPS DLED Panel with approx 400 Nits brightness. It supports HDR10, HLG, and Dolby Vision (dark and light). This panel is good and Sony has reproduced good colours. It comes with a 4K HDR1 Picture Processor and live video technology. Its Frame Dimming is better than X74 and gives better blacks. All the shortcomings have been removed. Along with Android OS, you get Apple Airplay. Its eARC port is fantastic.

Its 20W speakers perform better than X74. The speakers of X74 and X80J are absolutely different. These bass-reflex speakers are much better. It has a 1-year warranty and no extra warranty which is bad but Sony is Sony and you can’t question them. Right now it costs ₹70,000.

Pros- Best 43 inch smart TV in India

Its colour reproduction is good. Colour Optimization is the same in all TVs. The viewing angles of this IPS panel are amazing. The Bluetooth is open and now all types of headsets and devices can be connected. EARC port is a good thing. Dolby Atmos can be directly achieved with Dolby Atmos Soundbar. It supports Dolby Vision and the Dolby Vision content looks Wonderful.

Cons- Best 43 inch smart TV in India

It is slightly overpriced. It is difficult to find cons in it. It is overpriced but you can’t question Sony TVs. Its refresh rate is not variable despite being the most expensive TV, and this is bad. We are recommending it just for its picture quality. A TV is bought for its picture quality and its picture quality is fabulous. Another con is its Motion Flow XR200 which according to us is a waste as blur is still there. The blur increases with this tech. It is better to switch it off.

Alternate options- Best 43 inch smart TV in India

My alternate options are- Samsung Frame and Sony 8000H. We will tell you how to choose between them- for slim TV with good looks but No Dolby Vision support; go for Samsung Frame. Though its 43-inch size is not good for gamers. Panel and refresh rates are different and that’s why it is not on the top. Sony 8000H is an alternate option because X80j’s picture quality is better.

You will agree after seeing them side by side. Sony is a big brand and they know people will question if they lower the brightness. They justify it by saying colours are better reproduced in such situations. Thus X80J is a far better TV.



















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