Best 43 inch Smart TV 2022 – Sony X74K Review


Till now almost all the brands have launched their latest 2022 models of TVs. Now the confusion is whether should you buy a 2021 model TV at a lower price or should you the latest 2022 model at a slightly higher price? Yes, some of the features do change but are these changes significant enough to spend some extra bucks on them? In fact, are those upgraded features even useful? Brands try to lure you with unnecessary fancy names of simple technologies and features. We request you to not fall for their trap. Rather, read our detailed article on the review of SonyX74K Review – Best 43 inch Smart TV 2022, to put an end to this confusion.

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1. Looks – Sony X74K vs X75K

There is no difference in the looks of the X74H 2021 model and the X74K/X75K 2022 model. The looks of X74/75 (2021) and X74K/X75K (2022) are exactly the same. They have IPS panels. Earlier X75H 50-inch (2021) used to have a VA panel but the 2022 50-inch model has an IPS panel. It is a major difference as fewer options are available in 50-inch IPS panels. X74K/X75K has a medium bezel design. It looks fine but they are not thin bezels. It has a plastic body and a solid and sturdy plastic stand for table mounting.

2. Specifications – Best 43 inch Smart TV 2022

This TV boots up in lesser time i.e only 10 seconds as the software is highly optimized. Google OS will appear the same in all TVs irrespective of its Android version. The home palette will have different tiles. Content recommendations will appear on Home Screen. Many applications are pre-downloaded and other apps can be externally downloaded from Playstore. There is no application for the play store. All you have to do is search in search engine and that’s it. Just speak the name of the application in the microphone and you are good to go.

3. Remote Control – Best 43 inch Smart TV 2022

Remote control given along with these Sony TVs is a full-size Bluetooth and infra-red remote control with Youtube, Netflix, Youtube Music, and Prime Video Hotkeys. A dedicated button has been given for Google Assistant.

4. Panel – Best 43 inch Smart TV 2022

It has 8 bit FRC IPS DLED panel. Till 2021, it had ELED (Edge LED lighting) but now it has DLED (Direct LED lighting). It is a significant change as it changes the light distribution completely. Picture Quality has changed entirely. We checked the brightness and it was exactly the same as it wall last year- 340 Nits. Some local brands claim higher brightness. So is 300 Nits brightness in Sony a good or a bad thing? It is good as Sony’s quality of LED is good. The quality of the backlight is supreme. It is evenly distributed due to DLED backlight lighting.

Best TV under 50000 in India 2022 - Sony X74K Review
best tv under 50000 in India 2022 – Sony X74K Review

Tests were done on the Best 43 inch Smart TV 2022

Sony X74K/X75K’s performance in dimming and other tests was amazing. Grey uniformity was even on the entire panel at 20%, 40%, 60%, and 80% screen and this is indeed a beautiful thing. The classic test i.e Windmill test showed that the halo is controlled. In previous models, MEMC or Motion Flow XR tech was not that good, which disappointed everyone. But this time Sony has worked hard on its picture quality. Halo and Blur are now controlled.

5. Refresh Rates – Best 43 inch Smart TV 2022

This year, along with a 50Hz native refresh rate, Sony has given Motion Flow XR100/200 technology. X74K has Motionflow XR100 and X75K has Motionflow XR200 technology. This is the primary change in X74K and X75K 2022 models. With MEMC ON, the clarity of this TV is unmatchable. The performance of Motionflow XR in last year’s models was poor but not anymore. I haven’t seen Sony 80K but in X74K/X75K, Motionflow works flawlessly.

“Is there major change in Motionflow XR100 and Motionflow XR200? On paper, the answer is yes but in reality, the answer is no. The performance of these chip based MEMC is not almost same as even without them, the picture quality is good.”

6. Colors – Best 43 inch Smart TV 2022

Blacks and Colors are quite important as we see the colors and blacks in the movies or videos. The colors produced by Sony’s IPS panel are life-like colors. They are close to natural color profile. Don’t compare them to higher-priced TVs. These colors are not over-saturated. Color reproduction is good as it gives natural colors.

7. Blacks – Best 43 inch Smart TV 2022

IPS panels don’t give good blacks but Sony’s blacks are anyhow very good. Blacks in Sony’s previous models were already quite good and they are evil slightly better in the latest models. The DLED backlighting controls the light and produces good blacks. Content played on Netflix will be good. But standard content should be played in the movie setting or on dynamic mode. On movie mode, the content will be good with low brightness. You will get the feel of Dolby vision.

8. Video Formats – Best 43 inch Smart TV 2022

This TV lacks Dolby vision support. It supports HDR10 and HLG. It is their major con. They both lack Dolby vision support. Dolby Vision is the panel’s feature and it can’t be installed via Firestick or Mi box. That is why checking the panel is significant. This IPS panel will produce absolute natural colors. The sand will appear exactly like the color of the sand. All colors look life-like. There is no issue with picture quality.

The performance of SD and HD channels is not excellent but it is not bad either. It is just like any other 4K TV but with better colors and better upscaling. Sony has enhanced upscaling capabilities which can be seen after playing HD and SD channels. It has Google TV OS with built-in Chromecast and Apple Airplay. Previous models didn’t have it and it was a big disappointment for Apple users as they couldn’t cast the screens of their devices.

Sony never declares RAM but its storage is 16GB with approx 9.5 GB usable storage. It is fine as Google OS takes much space. To check upscaling, we ran the same files in it as we ran in X74H 2021 model. The results showed a 20% improvement. When you play 720p (HD), 1080p (FHD), and 4K content from Pendrive, then the results are amazing.

9. Connectivity options – Best 43 inch Smart TV 2022

There are no changes in the previous year’s and this year’s models. It has 3 HDMI ports, 2 USBs, and all other essential ports. Earlier there was Bluetooth 4.2 version but now it has Bluetooth 5.0 support. But the lack of HDMI eARC support is highly disappointing. Sony thinks eARC is a premium feature which Sony won’t give in this range.

10. Audio Quality – Best 43 inch Smart TV 2022

Audio Quality can be enhanced with a soundbar but picture quality can’t be enhanced. There is no significant improvement in the audio quality. But with open baffle speakers, the bass has increased by 10%-15%. However, you will still need a soundbar for the cinematic experience or for loud music. But 75% of users will not even need a soundbar as its audio quality is good.

11. Viewing Angles – Best 43 inch Smart TV 2022

A VA panel is good for viewing from the front. However, an IPS panel provides good viewing angles from both the front and the sides. It will give proper colors.

12. Price – Sony X74K vs X75K

  1.  X74K costs Rs 49000.
  2. X75K costs Rs 53000.
  3. X74 2021 model costs Rs 46000.

Pros & Cons – Best TV in India 2022


  • For the best picture quality and for real-life colors in this budget, go for X74K.
  • It is good as it is an IPS panel. An IPS panel can’t give better blacks as compared to a VA panel. But these blacks are good.
  • HDR capabilities are unmatched. The movie experience on these TVs is unbeatable. We guarantee that their picture quality is the best.
  • MEMC technology works fluently.
  • This is a unique TV in this price bracket. It is definitely a worthy purchase.


  • If you need the deepest blacks, skip X74K as hypothetically it gives you only 85%-90% blacks.
  • It lacks Dolby Vision support and an HDMI eARC port.



















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