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Nokia has recently launched its best 32-inch smartTV in India 2021. In this article, we have reviewed this Nokia 32-inch TV in detail.  Pros and cons are simultaneously discussed in detail.

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ACCESSORIES – best 32 inch smart tv in india 2021

In accessories, you get a wall mount stand, paperwork, AV connector wire, and a remote (Bluetooth + infrared). It is a fully functional remote with all hotkeys and Google Assistant support.


Talking about design- it has a medium bezel (not thin) design. This isn’t a con as all 32 inch TVs have the same MEDIUM bezels. The plastic body and frame are OK. The different thing about this TV is its sturdy metal foot stands and the built-in soundbar. This is a good Soundbar. It has an HD VA DLED panel. It has MEMC with a 60Hz refresh rate. The declared brightness is 300 nits but in our testing, it was above 400 (fantastic). The contrast ratio is 3000:1.

It supports HDR10, Dolby vision, and has the smart dimming feature. Smart dimming will itself fade and illuminate the LED on the basis of content. It is a gimmick and doesn’t work wonderfully.

SOFTWARE- best 32 inch smart tv in india 2021

It comes with Android 11 out of the box and Chromecast support. Nokia TVs don’t have Miracast support. Let’s talk about lags and overall OS experience. There are no lags. The OS works well without any issues. There is no major difference in the overall OS experience of OS 9, 10, and 11. Some people say OS 11 is better but that is not true. Android 0S 9, 10, and 11 works the same. Android 11 is heavy and this is its biggest flaw. Out of 16 GB storage, the usable storage is only 7.5 GB. Had it been 8 GB, then there would be no storage as Android 11 is heavy. The max storage is 7.5 to 8 GB.

COLOR PROFILE- best 32 inch smart tv in india 2021

People buy 32-inch TVs to watch SD and HD channels. SD and HD channels look good as it is HD TV. Its colour performance with such high brightness is just amazing. The performance of colours is fantastic due to high brightness. It is a beautiful TV in terms of colours. The colour profile is close to nature which is good but not best in comparison to Sony. But it is good and this TV can be considered for its picture and colour profile in the budget range.


Carefully read the connectivity options as they will help you decide. It has 3 HDMI ports and 1 is 2.1 eARC. This will help you to directly decode Dolby atmos from Dolby atmos soundbar for Dolby atmos compatible content (Netflix and Disney Hotstar). But unfortunately, we did not see the Dolby atmos logo when we did the testing. At most, it will decode only 5.1 which any TV with an ARC port can do. Other connectivity options include 1 USB 2.0 port and 1 USB 3.0 port. It is good but not useful. HDMI 2.1, USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports are non-functional right now. You will definitely get the connection, but not proper results.

The USB drive will not display. You need to download an external app such as file explorer from the play store to read the USB and USB can’t be read directly by TV. This is a software bug in eARC and both USB ports which is the biggest con. We don’t know when the update will come from Nokia, Flipkart, or Android. If these are important for you, then avoid this TV. USB ports can be read but not directly. If you want to connect the Dolby atmos soundbar, then avoid this TV.

AUDIO QUALITY- best 32 inch smart tv in india 2021

It has a 39W built-in Onkyo soundbar whose audio quality is very good.  Speakers perform well but don’t expect separation as it is a 39W soundbar. The audio is good. A soundbar is not required until you want a cinematic experience. According to us, 90% of people won’t need a soundbar with it. It is up to you whether you drop this option or not due to the lack of Dolby Atmos decoding.


How will the Dolby Vision and HDR content be shown? The Dolby Vision content was played in Dolby Vision and Dolby Vision dark and bright options were also visible (fantastic). 300 nits brightness doesn’t show good Dolby vision content but with 400 nits brightness, the content is amazing in this TV. The colours were good and close to the natural colour profile. It is not as good as other brands but it is good in budget brands. There is a bug and only after its clearance, you can watch the entire program. On Youtube, HDR10’s content is amazing and enjoyable.

REAL TESTING – best 32 inch smart tv in india 2021

The halo was less in the rotating circle. All TVs in this budget with HD panels have less halo. Contrast and halo were tested again in the stress test. In simple words, this TV performs well and nothing more can be expected from an HD TV. This is a VA panel and the colours appear amazing from the front angle. On the extreme sides, the colour and brightness washout up to 25% and this is absolutely normal in any VA panel. This TV is suitable for up to 45° angle.

All budget brands have VA panels with the same viewing angles. The colour and brightness will wash out in different ratios in all VA panel budget TVs. Talking about upscaling, the USB can’t be directly decoded. An external file manager is essential. After that, the 4k, 1080p, and 720p content look amazing. The 720p content looks fantastic. The performance of 1080p content is also good. The 4k content will be downscaled but it still looks beautiful on this TV. The aspect ratio can’t be changed in content played via USB.

After turning on the Eye protect mode manually, the brightness will significantly decrease which is good at night. Bright scenes won’t bother at night. This is a good feature but it shouldn’t be the reason to buy this TV. Another thing is its good blacks. The blacks are good as in all VA panels. The blacks are really good. There is no bleeding which is good. Last but not least- it has a 1-year comprehensive warranty either from Nokia or Flipkart which is not enough. An extended warranty package is a must.

SERVICE – best 32-inch smart tv in India 2021

Nokia’s service is not one of the best. All budget brands provide such services. They aren’t Samsung, LG, or Sony. Budget brands don’t have service centres or networks. Similarly, Nokia doesn’t have its own service centres. It hires a third-party service centre for doorstep service. First, check for the service network in your city, and then buy it. On 15th November 2021, it costs ₹18,000.


Audio quality can be enhanced but in this TV, you don’t need to connect an external soundbar. The cons of this TV are only related to connectivity options and OTA updates and WE think that Nokia or Android will give this update soon.



















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