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LG recently launched its LG LQ best 32 inch smart TV 2022 and that is why we made this comparison of LG LQ and LG LM 32 inch TVs. So is this the best 32 inch smart TV 2022? Should you buy LG LQ 32 inch TV or LG LM 32 inch TV? Which one of these is better? Scroll down to find the answers. 

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LG LM 32 inch TV

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LG LQ 32 inch TV

Looks: Best 32 inch Smart TV 2022

best tv under 20000

They both have medium bezel designs. The colors of bezels are different. LG LM has grey whereas LG LQ, the best 32 inch smart TV 2022, has black bezels. They look similar from afar. They come with plastic bodies and plastic stands. 

Connectivity Options: Best 32 inch Smart TV 2022

Their connectivity options are almost the same. They have 2 HDMI ports and 1 USB port along with all other essential ports. However, LG LQ has 1 eARC port and Bluetooth support. Both these things are missing in LG LM 32 inch TV.

OS: Best 32 inch Smart TV 2022

Both have LG Web OS but their versions are different. LQ has the latest Web OS which is quite similar to Android OS. You can see suggested content tiles and other tiles too. LG’s web OS doesn’t come with many apps. There is no play store to download external apps. However, you can use a firestick to change its OS. You will get many apps and you will be able to download content from Playstore. Moreover, if you plug in a firestick in the LG LM model, then you will also get Bluetooth support in it along with Android OS. 

Remote control: Best 32 inch Smart TV 2022

LG LM model comes with basic infrared remote control with Netflix and Prime Video Hotkeys. LG LQ model comes with the magic remote that has Netflix, Prime Video, Disney Hotstar, and Alexa controls and hotkeys. Magic remote is the best remote control.

Panel: Best 32 inch Smart TV 2022

Both TVs have IPS DLED panels. 

  • LG LQ comes with the support of HDR10, HLG, HDR10 Pro, and Active HDR support. 
  • LG LM only supports HDR10. 

Colors: LG 32 inch TV 2022

best tv under 15000

LG LQ has Active HDR support which enhances the color performance. The content in LG LQ is more detailed due to Active HDR. Active HDR collects the metadata i.e the amount of brightness, colors, etc with the help of AI. LG LQ works due to AI brightness and hence its color profile is very close to the natural color profile. The colors are more vivid and punchy and the scenes are more detailed in LG LQ 32 inch TV.


lg led tv 32 inch

Despite being IPS panels, their blacks are satisfactory. However, the blacks of the LG LQ model are better than that of the LG LM model. Their blacks are almost the same but still, LG LQ is slightly better. 

Picture Processor:

A picture processor is a key to color optimization. Alpha 5 generation 5 picture processor has been used in LG LQ 32 inch TV. The same picture processor was used in LG OLED  TVs two years back. Due to this, the color reproduction of the LG LQ 32 inch TV is far better. 

Video Performances:

Both the TVs play SD content brilliantly. The performance of their HD channel is equal to that of a 4K TV. The content is highly detailed. Their performance via HD set-top box is amazing as they are HD panels. 

These panels don’t support Dolby Vision but still, we tested their Dolby vision performance on Netflix. As a result, we were quite satisfied with their performances. The colors look amazing with minute details. 

We tested their HDR performance on Amazon Prime. The colors were amazing with sharp details. The content was extremely amazing. However, the color profile of LG LQ is slightly better.

Viewing Angles:

Since they are IPS panels, their viewing angles were amazing. There is almost no color and brightness loss even on the extreme sides. We observed that there is a max to max 10% cor and brightness loss on the most extreme sides. 


The upscaling of HD content is amazing. 1080p content was also amazingly upscaled with no issues. 

Audio Testing:

They have same speakers with average audio quality. It is sufficient for daily soap operas. These 10W speakers are good for vocal audio. However, a budget soundbar is a must for a cinematic experience. 

Pros & Cons: Best TV Under 20000



In a nutshell:

              We compared these TVs side by side by playing the same content. If you have a lesser budget, then LG LM is also fine. Its content is not that detailed but it is fine for HD, soap opera, or for sports content. However, LG UQ is a good option for gamers as it comes with HDMI eARC port, ALLM which gives 8-9ms response time and HGIG. HGIG allows the HDR performance even during gaming. LG UQ has far more superior panel to LG LM model. The AI brightness control automatically adjusts the brightness. 

Verdict: LG LED TV 32 Inch

For gamers with gaming consoles and for amazing picture quality, go for LG LQ model. The extra money spent in this TV is worth. 

LG LM model is however sufficient if you want to watch news, HD content or sports.

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