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A 1 ton AC (air conditioner) is a type of cooling system designed to cool an area of around 110 square feet. This cooling capacity is suitable for small to medium sized rooms, such as bedrooms, small living rooms, or offices. However, larger rooms or spaces may require a higher capacity AC.

It’s important to note that the size of the AC unit required for a specific space depends on several factors, such as the room size, ceiling height, insulation, and number of windows. 

Got confused? Yeah! But that’s why we are here. Scroll down through our list of the best 1 ton AC under 30000.

1 Ton AC Buying Guide – Best 1 Ton AC Under 30000

My room size is 90 sqft. Can I use a 1 ton AC for that?
1 ton AC is suitable for 110 sqft rooms. It is a myth that ACs with more capacity provide more cooling. Now, 0.8-ton to 1.2-ton ACs are also there. Are they apt for 80 or 120 sqft room? No! These ACs have less BTU, which reduces cooling. Above 110 sqft, 1.5 ton AC is apt. You can save 30% on electricity only when you use a more significant capacity inverter AC than your room size. It leads to faster cooling. 

Should you buy a 3 or 5-star AC? 
If your budget is up to ₹30,000, 3-star AC is best. 3-star AC is best for 3-4 month usage. You’ll waste your money on 5-star AC in this scenario. For use above 5-6 months, buy a 4 or 5-star AC to save electricity. Your extra cost will recover in 2-3 years. 

What is the right way to use an AC?
Merely switching ON AC does not mean you are using it correctly. Use AC on fixed mode for 30 minutes in scorching situations. Once the room is cooled down, turn ON the Auto mode to save electricity. It is an excellent option for people who want to buy a non-inverter AC. You can use inverter ACs as non-inverter ACs by fixing their speed. 

Installation Charges
Installation costs up to ₹1500. We highly recommend you get your AC installed by the brand to keep the Warranty intact. Ensure the installation team vacuums copper pipes before attaching them to the outdoor unit for proper cooling. 

Stabilizer or No Stabilizer?
A suitable stabilizer is a must. Otherwise, PCB might damage due to voltage fluctuation. Use a stabilizer to protect your AC. 

Extended Warranty
Some brands offer up to 10 years of Warranty on compressors. But what about a comprehensive warranty? Other parts can also damage after the brand warranty ends. Thus, buy an excellent extended warranty for original spare support without any expense. Our recommendation is Go Warranty as their plans are cheap & good. 
Best 1 Ton AC Under 30000

LG 1 Ton 4 star 2023 – LG AC 1 Ton Price

LG 1 Ton 4 Star

lg 1 ton 4 star ac

₹ 35,000

VM-One Rating


  • LG's support service is good. 

  • It works flawlessly. 

  • Its cooling is apt. 

  • There are many cooling modes that you can use as per your need. 

  • It is feature-packed. 

  • Ocean black protection is best. 


  • It lacks wifi support. 

If you have a slightly higher budget, we advise you to go for the best- LG AC 1 Ton 4 star 2023 with 0.99-ton cooling capacity. It is a value-for-money deal with the best cooling and the best features. It has 4.7 ISEER, dual rotary inverter compressor & convertible 6-in-1 modes- 40% to 100%.

It comes with AI & Viraat mode. Viraat mode adjusts cooling between 110%-117% per outside temperature and works well. You get a 100% copper condenser & 100% grooved copper tubes.

Ocean black technology is a black chemical coating to prevent condenser, coil & fins from sediment & salt. It is the best AC for all areas, including coastal regions and nearby drains. 

Cooling Capacity 3470W or 0.99 Ton
SPECIFICATIONS AND FEATURESDual Rotary Inverter Compressor
Convertible 6-in-1 Modes
40% to 100% with AI and Viraat Mode with 110% Cooling Capacity
100% Copper Condenser
Grooved Copper Tubes
Ocean Black Protection
HD Filter with Anti-Virus Protection
4 Way Air Swing
Auto Clean Technology
Smart Diagnosis
Stabilizer Free Operation (120V – 290V)
WARRANTY1 Year on Product; 5 Years on PCB
10 Years on Compressor
PRICE₹ 35,000
Best 1 ton AC under 30000

LG 1 Ton 4 star 2023 has an HD filter with Anti-Virus protection. It is good. However, we can’t guarantee an anti-virus feature. It has a 4-way air swing, which implies even cooling.

Auto clean technology and smart diagnosis features make it a smart AC. Auto clean technology cleans the evaporator coils themselves. Smart diagnosis will detect the problem & display an error code in the indoor unit. 

The range of its stabilizer-free operation is 120V-290V. Noise levels of LG 1 ton 4 star AC are 21dB. It is a silent AC, but 21dB is the wrong number. Its noise levels should be around 34 dB.

It has one year comprehensive, five years on PCB & 10 years warranty on the compressor. With its 1-year free gas recharge, you can recharge it for free. It costs ₹ 35,000.

Daikin AC 1 Ton 3 star Model – Best 1 Ton AC Under 30000

Daikin 1 Ton 3 Star

daikin 1 ton 3 star ac

₹ 33,000

VM-One Rating


  • It is good & has fantastic cooling. 

  • You get the 2022 model, but Daikin's 2022 models are rated till 2024. 

  • Daikin doesn't need to change its star rating as it is valid till 2024. 


  • It lacks wifi & app support. 

  • There are no cooling modes. 

  • It is purely inverter AC. Its speed can't be fixed. 

  • Avoid it in case of direct sunlight. 

Next on the list of Best 1 ton AC under 30000 is Daikin AC 1 Ton 3 star model with a 1 ton cooling capacity. It has 4 ISEER & Swing Inverter compressors. Swing inverter is Daikin’s patent technology. Daikin welded all components to reduce vibrations.

You get 100% copper condenser coils with Anti-Corrosion treatment, i.e. a chemical coating on the condenser to prevent it from sediment & salt. It is good if you live near drains or in coastal areas. 

Cooling Capacity 3520W or 1 Ton
100% Copper Condenser Coil
Anti Corrosion Treatment
Coanda Airflow
3D Airflow
Econo Mode
PM 2.5 Filter
Dew Clean Technology
Auto Clean
Triple Display
Cools up to 52°C
Stabilizer Inside
WARRANTY1 Year on Product
5 Years on PCB
10 Years on Compressor
PRICE₹ 33,000
The best 1 ton AC under 30000

Coanda Airflow implies that the AC will first cool down the roof for faster cooling. We recommend you cool down the walls and ceiling & then turn Coanda Airflow off. 3D Airflow means nothing but a 4-way air swing. You get a PM 2.5 filter for clean air.

Dew-clean technology is another name for auto-clean technology. When AC is off, the blower of the indoor unit will work to eradicate excess water vapour. 

Daikin claims smooth operation up to 52°C temp. We can’t test that for real, but its cooling is good. Rather than saying stabilizer-free, Daikin says stabilizer inside. However, we don’t know voltage handling. Its noise levels are 29dB. It must be recorded at the lowest setting. Running it on the lowest setting also slows down the cooling. On medium level, they will 35-40dB.

It has one year comprehensive, five years on PCB & 10 years warranty on the compressor, and It costs ₹ 33,000.  

There is a tie for position 3 between Lloyd and Carrier

They both are good. However, there is a bit of difference between them. Both Lloyd 1 ton 3 star 2023 & Carrier 1 ton 3 star 2023 have proper 1-ton cooling capacity. Their ISEER is different- 

  • Carrier- 3.88 and, 
  • Lloyd- 3.93

Lloyd 1 Ton 3 Star

lloyd 1 ton 3 star ac

₹ 30,000

VM-One Rating

NA on Flipkart

Carrier 1 Ton 3 Star

₹ 31,000

VM-One Rating

Lloyd 1 ton ACCarrier 1 ton AC
Pros1. It is suitable for rooms up to 110 sqft.
2. You can use it even if there is direct sunlight in your room. 
3. All modes are relevant. 
4. Fix its speed to make it a non-inverter AC for 30 min. After that, turn on Auto mode. 
1. Its cooling is mind-blowing.
2. First, use it on a fixed mode for non-inverter AC function & then turn on AC mode. 
3. Build quality is best. 
4. It has Auto Clean Tech.
5. Its motor consumes lesser power than Lloyd’s.
Cons1. It lacks Wifi support and app support. 1. It has one less cooling mode, but it hardly mattersIt lacks wifi support. 
The best 1 ton AC under 30000

Specifications of Lloyd and Carrier AC in a nutshell

Carrier AC 1 Ton 3 StarLloyd AC 1 Ton 3 Star
Cooling Capacity 3530W or 1 Ton3550W or 1 Ton
SPECIFICATIONS AND FEATURESFlexicool Inverter Technology;
Convertible 4-in-1 Modes;
60% to 100% with Auto Mode;
100% Copper Condenser and Tubes;
Aqua Clear Protection on ODU Coil;
Hydro Blue Coating IDU Coil & Fins;
Dual Filtration with HD & PM 2.5 Filter;
Auto Clean Technology;
Auto Restart;
Hidden Display;
Stabilizer Free Operation (135V – 280V)
Inverter Compressor;
Convertible 5-in-1 Modes;
40% to 100% with Auto Mode;
Anti Viral & PM 2.5 Air Filter;
100% Inner Grooved Copper Tubes;
Blue Fins Evaporator Coils;
2- Way Swing;
Hidden Display;
Self Diagnosis;
Stabilizer Free Operation
WARRANTY1 Year on Product
5 years on PCB
10 Years on Compressor
1 Year on Product
5 Years on Components
10 Years on Compressor
PRICE₹ 31,000₹ 30,000
The best 1 ton AC under 30000 – Lloyd AC 1 Ton Price

Comparison between Lloyd AC 1 ton & Carrier AC 1 ton


They both have an inverter compressor. Carrier has 4-in-1 & Lloyd has 5-in-1 convertible modes. Convertible mode allows you to use your inverter AC as non-inverter AC. Once you fix the mode, it’ll become non-inverter AC. Once the room is cooled down, turn it to Auto or AI mode, i.e. inverter mode. 

Chemical Coatings

Both have 100% copper condenser & tubes. Both have a chemical coating to prevent condensers. Names don’t matter; what matters is that coating is done on the condenser & fins to protect them from dust. Air is so polluted that it damages the condenser, especially if you live near drains or coastal areas. Thus, a chemical coating is essential. 


Both have PM 2.5 filters, but Carrier also has Auto Cleantech. Auto clean technology cleans the evaporator units of the indoor units automatically. But it requires at least one service every year. Lloyd lacks auto-clean technology

Noise Levels 

Both have a stabilizer-free operation. Their claimed noise levels are 32 dB. Some brands record noise levels at the lowest speed. 32dB is not accurate. We think they will be 35db-40dB. 


  • Carrier has one year comprehensive, five years on PCB & 10 years warranty on compressor. 
  • Lloyd has one year comprehensive, five years on components & 10 years warranty on the compressor. Lloyd gives five years component warranty on all products. All parts of AC, including the controller PCB are covered under it. It is a good warranty package. 

Pros and Cons Comparison

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