Apple Predicted to Unveil its Economical MacBook Series in 2024: Details Below


Apple Predicted to Unveil its Economical MacBook Series in 2024: Chromebook models are gaining popularity in the education sector due to their affordability and user-friendly interface. However, Apple’s plans to enter into the economical MacBook series in 2024 are expected to provide tough competition to Chromebook models. With Apple’s reputation for advanced technology, their affordable MacBook series could potentially attract a significant number of users in the education sector as well.

Report on the Sale of Chromebook

The Chromebook sales increased from 13.9 million in 2019 to 33.5 million in 2021, according to research. This study sheds light on how low-cost Chromebooks have gained popularity in the education sector over the past few years, particularly during the period associated with the global pandemic.

Although, after the pandemic, sales of Chromebooks have declined, schools and educators are still opting for Chromebook due to their affordability over Apple’s MacBook series in 2023.

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Apple to Strike a Balance

With this new lineup, Apple hopes to strike a balance between advanced technology and affordability, making its products more accessible to a larger audience. The new Apple model will have a metal exterior but use less expensive material for the internal components, allowing a lower price point compared to previous models on Macbook Series in 2023.
The drawback is that Chromebook isn’t particularly agile, and it runs online, which may restrict its offline functions. However, Apple’s new model aims to offer a more powerful and versatile option, providing users with the ability to work offline and access a wider range of applications and software. 

Apple is probably going to start releasing its first batch of M4 Macs by the end of 2024. After a four-year hiatus, the company is speculated to upgrade this MacBook with an M1 chip and maintain its speed on par with a brand-new Chromebook.

With all of the modifications and a few other features, Apple is expected to deliver enhanced performance and improved efficiency compared to the Chromebook in terms of educational advantages.

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