Apple’s Next-Gen iPad Pro may Offer an OLED Display, New Chipset, and Accessory


Apple has always stunned us with the launch of new devices, and it’s no surprise that the next-gen iPad Pro is expected to be no different. The Apple analyst, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, disclosed that the iPad Pro will feature new display technology and the latest chipset at the earliest in 2024.

What Can We Expect From the Next-Gen iPad Pro? 

  • An OLED display is a highly anticipated feature, providing vibrant colours and deeper blacks. 
  • An upgraded M3 SoC is also expected, offering improved performance and efficiency.

With its speculated OLED display and innovative new chipset, the company is poised to revolutionise the market once again. The next generation of iPad Pro devices will still be available in two sizes, starting with the 11-inch model. On the other hand, the current 12.9-inch screen, which is a bigger version of the iPad Pro, will have a display that is equivalent to that size at 13 inches.

The newest Pro tablet may also have an upgraded M3 SoC chipset, which promises faster processing and better graphics performance.

Another speculation regarding the accessory is that Apple may change the magic keyboard add-on. The updated magic keyboard accessory may add a larger trackpad and make the device appear more like a laptop than it currently does.

However, there may be other improvements or features that Apple has not yet revealed. It will be interesting to see how these updates enhance the iPad Pro’s overall user experience and functionality.

Why is There an iPad Pro Update?

Apple is also witnessing a decrease in iPad sales, similar to other OEMs.The supply and demand of PCs and tablets have been steadily falling worldwide due to factors such as market saturation, longer upgrade cycles, and the rise of smartphones with larger screens. To boost sales and stay competitive in the market, Apple is likely to release an iPad Pro update with new features and improvements to attract consumers and meet their evolving needs.

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With the expected launch of the new iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro in the next month, Apple aims to diversify its product offerings further and cater to a wider range of consumer preferences.

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