Apple Filed a Patent for the iPhone Compatible VR Headset


In the recent WWD3 Apple has presented the Apple Vision Pro, a ground-breaking augmented reality gadget, ie, iphone that integrates real-world essence with virtual content, arising speculations and mixed feelings among the masses. One thing is for sure: it has left people intrigued. Well, it talks of the future because the Vision Pro won’t descend in the market before 2024. Now, what’s new in the patent that Apple has filed recently? In the patent, Apple has demonstrated how the VR device can be used! In short, consumers can place their iPhones inside the VR device and enter the virtual world. The device is predicted to move past the patent stage and eventually provide a more affordable and simple VR experience than the upcoming Apple Vision Pro 2024. 

Introduction to Apple iphone

The patent is the 17th of its kind and involves a pair of smart glasses that are capable of holding your iPhone positioned before your eyes in order to provide an immersive experience to the users. The main display will then be an iPhone showing off virtual reality. 

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This Apple device is more than just a typical phone-case, it also consists of a variety of intriguing features that could make it more adaptable and useful. For instance, it might include a remote control that lets you alter the image displayed on the screen or a touch sensor that allows you to change the volume by swiping your finger across the glasses. The Apple device also has an external viewing mode that lets you use the glasses to see the outside world.

This may help people in VR and AR who feel cut off from their surroundings or need to quickly switch between virtual and real environments. This feature is also present in the Apple Vision Pro, but the latter uses more advanced cameras and sensors to produce a more precise image of its surroundings.

“Technologies like VR and AR are not cost effective for the average consumer, making it difficult for these technologies to become mainstream. However, Apple’s continuous research and development in this area suggests that they are actively exploring ways to make VR more affordable and accessible.”

The patent shows Apple’s interest in exploring novel approaches to making virtual reality (VR) more accessible for the general public, but it does not imply that the company will unquestionably release this product. Stay on top of the latest tech news with our tech updates published daily.

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