Apollo Hospital and Google Cloud’s Agreement for Better Healthcare Ecosystem in India


Apollo Hospital, one of the leading hospitals in India to mold Clinical Intelligence Engine(CIE) in partnership with Google Cloud using its Vertex AI and Gen AI models. The collaboration was announced by Apollo Hospitals on Wednesday. 

“Access to timely and accurate health information is a real challenge in India, and our partnership with Google Cloud is poised to address it through various collaborations,” said Shobana Kamineni, vice chairperson of Apollo Hospital. 

The intention behind this deed was to make the healthcare ecosystem of India more accessible to all the citizens using Apollo’s Digital Platform. McKinsey & Company reported that 60% of hospitals, 75% of pharmacies, and 80% of doctors are in urban areas.

This leaves the rural areas underserved. To resolve this very situation and make healthcare available for all, technology came in handy. 

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Details on Apollo Hospital’s & AI’s CIE(Clinical Intelligence Engine)

Apollo 24/7 plans to provide telemedicine services, online doctor consultations, improved clinical decision-making, and home delivery of medications to everyone across the country. Technology, networks, data, and hospital expertise will work together to accomplish the goal. 

The inculcation of technology ensures that doctors get precise details to identify the problem and suggest a solution after collecting data from Large Language Models(LLMs) from Google Cloud and Apollo Hospital. Also, all the data of the patient is kept confidential in Apollos’s system.

“Generative AI has the transformative power to bring conversational medicine to clinicians and patients alike. Our work with Apollo Hospitals will improve accessibility in healthcare, support clinicians and care teams, and drive better patient engagement—ultimately benefiting millions of Indians.” Thomas Kurian, CEO, of Google Cloud, said about the partnership 

Pedestal of the Partnership 

Like any other partnership, the Apollo Hospital and Google Cloud also have a pillar, let me introduce them to you:

  • Giving a profoundly versatile, modernized cloud stage for Apollo 24|7
  • The development of an AI-powered clinical decision support system
  • The AskApollo patient-facing service
  • Delivering authentic healthcare information on search engine
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