The Anticipated Google Docs eSignature Becomes Reality


Google Docs is one of the frequently used free online word processors substituting Microsoft Word. Google has introduced the eSignatures feature for Google Docs and Google Drive, which is not anything exceptional as many third-party apps like Adobe Acrobat are already providing this feature for a long time. However, adding this functionality will significantly reduce the hassle of using multiple applications for signing documents.

Javier Soltero, the former general manager and vice president of Google Workspace said that Google’s G. Suite is used by more than 2 billion monthly active users, but the users who want to sign their documents have to follow the lengthy procedure of printing it>emailing it> scanning it> add a digital photo, or else use other apps to sign your documents. Finally, Google decided to launch this eSignatures support. 

This feature was introduced to us after numerous alpha tests where some people had access to it. Now, this feature is available for everyone, Google Workspace mentioned “eSignatures will be available in beta for select Google Workspace customers”. 

Earlier users had access to “editing and suggesting” in Google Docs, now this new document’s digital signature creator is a great change that makes it even better. You should also know that this feature is not available for free Google Account holders yet, but it is possible.

Google mentioned in its Blogpost “For solopreneurs and small businesses keeping track contracts, customer agreements and other binding documents can be challenging. To help streamline this workflow, we’re natively integrating eSignatures in Google Docs, allowing you to request and add signatures to official contracts, directly in Google Docs”

How to get eSignature on Google Docs 

Getting your signatures done digitally can be easy for some but can be a little tedious for some primarily. So, let me guide you to how you can get eSignature on Docs.

  • Go to the menu bar of the Google Docs.
  • ‘Insert’> select ‘Drawing’ + ‘New’.
  • Click on ‘Scribble’ 
  • Scribble your signature, you can make changes in the size, color, etc. according to your preference.
  • Now you’ll be ready to save and use your eSignatures. 

An additional feature of this is that one can request a signature, keep a check on any pending signatures, sign official contracts, and you can also create a new copy of a contract on request. 

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Google has more plans for the advancement of the eSignatures feature, it plans to give access to eSignatures to non-Gmail account holders and signatures can be added to the PDF files too by next year. The tech giant is also planning to introduce an audit trail report of all the signatories.

We are not yet sure about the free Google Account holder will be accessed with eSignatures are not. For further updates about the same and other tech information, we will keep you updated. Post your comments regarding any queries or suggestions.

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