Anticipated Amazon Sales in 2024: Brace Yourself for Incredible Offers


Anticipated Amazon Sales in 2024: Amazon offers an array of products at discounted prices during their annual sales. The highly anticipated sales allow customers to benefit from exclusive deals and offers under all the categories. Also, this year, the Great Indian Sale is expected to start on 13 October 2023 and end on 22 October 2023, not to mention that the sale for all the Prime members starts a day prior.

Besides the Great Indian Festival Sale, other Amazon sale exists throughout the year. The year 2024 hasn’t started yet, but pertaining to 2023’s sale dates, let us speculate on the dates for the next year. Let us go through all the sale dates one at a time.

Amazon Sale- Super Value Days (1st – 7th January)

The first Amazon sale of 2024 can be the Super Value sale, expected to commence from 1st January to 7th January 2024. This sale can be a great opportunity to stock all your kitchen and pantry requirements at a discount of up to 45%. However, this sale can reoccur on every 1st to 7th every month throughout the year.

Amazon Great Republic Day Sale (15th – 20th January)

The dates for which would be from 15th January to 20th January. During this Amazon sale, you can look for discounts on almost every category, from electronics to clothes and whatnot. This is the first considerable sale of the year with deals in every category.

Valentine’s Day Store (2nd – 14th February)

During the Valentine’s Day Amazon sale, you can fetch offers of up to 70% on tech products and some other categories—the dates for which can be from 2nd February to 14th February.

Amazon Holi Sale (5th March – 19th March)

This Amazon Sale prevails during the festival of Holi, where you can unlock exciting deals and offers on your favourite products; the dates of this sale are speculated to be from 5th March to 19th March.

Amazon Summer Sale (4th May – 8th May)

After the Holi sale, comes the Summer sale, which prevails from 4th May till 8th May, where you can get up to 50% off on all your favourite goods. Also, you get to enjoy an extra price cut because of the bank offers.

Amazon Prime Day Sale (15th July – 16th July)

This sale is exclusive to all prime membership holders. The customer with the Prime Membership get great deals and offers on the abundance of product. You may also know that Prime users also have the benefit of one-day delivery, in spite of the sale day. The expected dates for the same are 15th July to 16th July.

Amazon Great Freedom Sale (5th August – 9th August)

The Freedom Sale can start from 5th August to 9th August, exclusive to Independence Day. During this period, you can avail up to 75% discounts on electronic items and other goodies on various e-commerce platforms.

Amazon Book Bazaar (10th to 14th every month) 

This sale happens from the 10th to the 14th of every month, a great opportunity for all book lovers to hoard all their favourite books at discounts up to 60%.

Based on this year’s schedule, these are the theorised dates for the upcoming sale in the year 2024. In order to, make the best out of this sale save your dates beforehand. Further, we hope the write-up was informative enough; you can drop your queries in the comments below.

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