Android 14 Release Delayed: Might Launch Abreast the Pixel 8 Series


The Android 14 release date may be postponed until next month; earlier, it was due to be released on the 5th of September. The reason is unknown, but there is speculation circulating on the internet that the delay could be due to technical issues or last-minute improvements being made to the software. Until an official statement is made, users can expect the release alongside Pixel 8 series smartphones.

Now, Andriod users will have to wait a while to get their hands on the latest improvements. The delay could be linked to the developers working diligently to ensure a bug-free experience for users. Mishaal Rahmaan, a tech journalist, shared a post on X stating that Google had informed original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that the Android 14 Security Release Notes with information on the vulnerabilities that have been fixed will be made available on October 4.

He continues by saying that this choice to postpone the release was made “very late”, and OEMs anticipated receiving the code on Tuesday.

Pixel 8 series to Launch in Line with Android 14

Additionally, according to Rahman’s post, due to the fact that Google usually releases new versions of Android alongside its Pixel flagship devices, the Pixel 8 series’ release may align with the new release date of Android 14. Therefore, it is possible that the delay in the Android 14 release could be due to the company’s plan to launch the Pixel 8 series on October 4 as well. This would allow Google to showcase the latest version.

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It was previously anticipated that on Tuesday, the AOSP source code for Google’s upcoming version of the Android operating system would be made available. While this was going on, Google teased a brand-new, three-dimensional iteration of its logo that will soon start showing up on Android phones and other devices. The new logo is expected to align with Google’s modern design language.

On Tuesday, Google announced a quarterly Feature Drop update, including image Q&A on Lookout and an AI-powered Glance widget providing audio descriptions and user’s flight details. Meanwhile, Google introduced unknown tracker alerts, a translation feature for emails, and Wear OS smartwatch access for WhatsApp chats.

These updates demonstrate Google’s commitment to enhancing the user experience and accessibility across its platforms.

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