Amazon Prime Day Sale | 3 Upcoming Best TV launches in India

Amazon Prime Day Sale

Amazon prime day sale is about to begin. Hold your breath because Amazon is all set to launch its Prime day sale. We cannot be more excited than this. Many brands will also launch their new products in this sale. But how will we know about these products? Well, you do not have to worry. We’ve got you. We will tell you about the latest upcoming launches. Not only that, but we will also give you all the descriptions that we could find of all these products for your reference.

Amazon prime day sale hisense


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Now, let’s start with the list of products that will be launched in the Amazon Prime Day sale:



amazon prime day sale
Sony T.V

The new Bravia X74H will be powered by its own X1 4K processor. It will come in ultra-clear Picture quality with vibrant colours, contrast, and clarity. The triluminos display makes the picture more natural and precise in colours. The t.v will have a thin bezel design.

Bass reflex speakers will provide a richer and natural sound. With the Dolby Atmos Support, the t.v is ideal for movies, sports, and music. Through Google Assistant, you can get answers on-screen with access to more than 5000 apps.

The T.V will be launched in 2 sizes- 43” and 65”. The 43” t.v is priced at Rs49,990. You can buy it by clicking on the link from prime day sale on Amazon.


Amazon prime day sale

The new Hisense t.v will support Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos Sound. Along with Google assistant, it will have a built-in Chromecast and Android T.V 9 pie. Hisense offers a 5-year warranty on the panel. The T.V will have a QLED panel.

Apart from these, Hisense will also be launching 86” 8K T.V’s, Dual cell QLED T.V’s and OLED T.V in India. Hisense is launching all its international models in India. Subscribe to our channel for the latest updates.

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The t.v will come in a thin bezel design. It will have a screen resolution of 4k and is powered by Dolby Vision. It has a brightness of 500nits. It comes with a Google assistant. It has a quad-core processor with ARM CORTEX A53 CPU and MALI 450 GPU.

The Kodak T.V will come in variants- 32”, 40”, 43”, 50”, 55” and 75”.

Our other honorable recommendations on T.V.

We will also mention some previous T.V models. these have been selected after conducting extensive online research. All these are better than their contemporaries. We have reviewed and then listed them on the basis of their features, software, hardware, and reviews. We bring to you the list of top T.V models from this Amazon prime day sale.

Television 4K

VU Ultra 4K All Sizes:

Hisense 4K TV All Sizes:

SONY X74H 43 & 65:

SONY 4K TV All Sizes:

Samsung 4K TV All Sizes:

Samsung QLED All Sizes:

LG 4K TV All Sizes:

Kodak 75 Inch 4K TV:

MI TV 4X All Sizes:

TCL C8 All Sizes:

Philips 4K TV All Sizes:

Sanyo Kaizen All Sizes:

OnePlus U1 55:

OnePlus Q1 55:

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Television HD & FHD

Sony All Sizes:


OnePlus Y1 32:

OnePlus Y1 43:

VU Ultra GA All Sizes:

LG All Sizes:

Samsung All Sizes:

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