Amazon Prime Day Best TV Deals 2023-Up to 50% Off


In a recent announcement, the e-commerce giant Amazon revealed the exact dates of the two-day mega-shopping event known as the Amazon Prime Day Sale. The Prime Day Sale 2023 will kick off in the second week of July i.e. 15th and 16th July, where you will get amazing offers on products across all segments.

However, the sale is only for Prime users; hence you will need to signup for an Amazon Prime membership to participate in the sale. To learn more about the Amazon Prime Day Sale, please read our detailed blog by clicking here. In this blog, you will learn about the Amazon Prime Day Best TV Deals 2023 and their honest reviews. 

As the sale is around the corner, Amazon Prime Members eagerly await the best deals to be disclosed by Amazon. But the retail giant hasn’t shared any details about the offers and discounts that will be given during the sale. The 48 hours of sale are expected to be full of heavy discounts, but how will you know about the deals?

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amazon prime day best tv deals 2023

Well, for that, you need to stay tuned to VM One Prime Day Sale List 2023, where you can find all the best gadgets and deals. Meanwhile, you can check out a few of our TV recommendations –  

1. Hisense U7H QLED – Amazon Prime Day Best TV Deals 2023

Hisense U7H QLED 55 inch

Launched in 2022, Hisense U7H is a lower mid-range 4K TV available in four sizes, 55”, 65”, 75”, and 85”. The Hisense budget range TV has a user-friendly Google TV 11 interface and fantastic gaming features. Furthermore, multiple screen sizes allow you to choose the best size as per your needs. It has decent picture quality, and the television is worth buying. 

2. Sony X74L – Amazon Prime Day Best TV Deals 2023

sony x74l 55 inch tv

The Sony X74L is a television full of features and integrated with the latest technology. It has a fantastic IPS panel that displays natural colour profile, and it has excellent HDR capabilities. The show-stopping feature on the TV is the smooth detection and seamless integration with PS5. However, the TV is priced on the expensive side, but the Amazon Prime Day Sale 2023 is the perfect occasion to book the Sony UHD TV.

3. Sony X74K – Amazon Prime Day Best TV Deals 2023

sony x74k tv

The looks of the Sony X74K is similar to the Sony X74H 2021 model; they both have IPS panel. The display of the SOny X74K produces life-like colours that look more lively and real. Yes, the Sony X74K TV supports HDR10 and HLG, further enhancing the user experience. In general, Sony X74K is power-packed television with amazing features and unmatchable HDR capabilities. 

4. LG UQ7500 – Amazon Prime Day Best TV Deals 2023

lg uq7500 tv

The LG UQ7500 is an amazing smart 4K television that gives tough competition to the other TVs in the same price segment. Compared to the previous models, the LG UQ7500 has a better panel with great colours and viewing angles. Moreover, the TV supports  HDR10, HDR10 PRO, and HLG. Apart from the excellent performance, it is said to be the best television under 50000 rupees. 

5. Samsung Crystal iSmart – Amazon Prime Day Best TV Deals 2023

samsung crystal ismart tv

The Samsung Crystal iSmart UHD TV 2023 is a reasonably priced TV with stunning picture quality, smooth performance, and easy access to your favourite apps and games. Yes, it has a 4K Ultra HD panel that supports HDR10+, HDR10, and HLG formats for enhanced contrast and colour reproduction. The Crystal 4K processor of the TV optimises every pixel, providing an enhanced and realistic experience. 

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6. Hisense A6H – Prime Day TV Deals 2023

The 43-inch and 50-inch variants of the Hisense A6H have VA panels, while the 55-inch variant has an IPS panel. The VA panel has better blacks than the IPS panel, and the colours on both panels look more vivid and vibrant. The 43-inch and 50-inch show washed-out colours, while the IPS panel of the 55-inch TV shows more bright colours and has impressive viewing angles. You can go for this TV if you are low on budget.

7. Redmi TV 4K – Prime Day TV Deals 2023

redmi tv 4k x43

The Redmi 4K TV comes in various screen sizes ranging from 43 inches to 65 inches. The highlight of the TV is that it has ALLM, so it is an ideal choice for gamers. Also, the HDR performance of the TV is excellent, giving you a fantastic experience. It supports HDR10 content and has saturated colours that look more lively and eye-pleasing. It is an ideal choice for Redmi TV lovers who are looking for a budget TV.

8. LG NANO73 – Best Smart TV Deals On Amazon Prime Day Sale 2023

lg nano73 tv

The LG NANO73 is an Ultra HD 4K Smart LED TV that comes in three screen sizes, 43 inches, 55 inches and 65 inches, to be precise. It has 4K resolution with two speakers, giving you 20 W output. Furthermore, the TV has 1.5 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal storage, which is good. Last but not least, the LG NANO73 has outstanding viewing angles of 178 °, which enhances your viewing experience. 

9. VU Masterpiece Glo – Best Smart TV Deals On Amazon Prime Day Sale 2023

vu masterpiece glo tv

The VU Masterpiece Glo can be one of the best choices for gamers. It has a fantastic IPS QLED panel with a peak HDR brightness is 620 nits. The VU Masterpiece Glo also supports HDR10, HDR10+, Dolby Vision, and HLG. The colours on the VU Masterpiece Glo look fantastic, as the red colour is slightly oversaturated. The audio quality of the TV is also excellent. You can go for it if you are an avid gamer.

10. Hisense A7H Tornado 2.0 – Best Smart TV Deals On Amazon Prime Day Sale 2023

hisense a7h tornado 2 tv

Hisense revamped its previous model of Tornado TV and launched Hisense A7H Tornado 2. It supports the HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision, and HDR10+ and has a built-in JBL soundbar which is quite good. The Hisense Tornado TV 2.0 has 8 bit FRC IPS DLED panel with 450 nits peak HDR brightness and slightly over-saturated colours that look vivid and lively. The audio quality of the Smart TV is fantastic as it has a built-in JBL soundbar of 102W.

Long and Short Story

Well, that was our Amazon Prime Day Best TV Deals 2023 recommendations. We haven’t listed all the televisions in this write-up; we will share all other TVs in the VM One Prime Day Sale list that will be released one day before the Prime Day Sale. The Amazon Prime Day Sale 2023 is expected to have great offers and discounts. Start creating your wishlist and add items to the cart for a smooth ordering of the desired products. If you have any questions, then drop them in the comments. 

FAQs About Amazon Prime Day Sale

What is a Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day is a mega shopping event conducted by Amazon exclusively for Prime Members. You can know more about Prime Day by clicking here.

Is Amazon Prime Day 1 or 2 days?

Yes, the Amazon Prime Day sale lasts for two days, but it is exclusively for Amazon Prime customers.

What is the sale discount on TVs on Amazon?

The expected discount on the TVs on Prime Day Sale is 30 to 40%. Moreover, you will also get coupons, bank account offers, card discounts, and additional offs. Amazon Prime Day Sale 2023 is the perfect occasion for purchasing TVs and other items.

Disclaimer: Please note that the prices mentioned in the article were recorded on the publishing date. Prices may change with time.


3 thoughts on “Amazon Prime Day Best TV Deals 2023-Up to 50% Off

  1. Not sure if you do check comments, but, thanks a lot for your reviews. I am looking forward to buy the U7H with your link this sale, if it does get great discounts. But, after seeing some QLEDs from Acer, especially the upcoming Infinity series and a few others, I am torn between the following options:-
    1. HiSense U7H
    2. Toshiba’s upcoming mini-LED series
    3. Toshiba M550
    4. Acer Infinity

    Buying it primarily for content watching, with occasional console gaming. The budget is under 40K after card offers. Any suggestions would be great? Should I buy the U7H or should I wait for your reviews of the upcoming ones I mentioned above.
    Greetings and more power to you!

  2. Hi Vineet ur reviews are really awesome. I’m looking to buy a Sony 43″ TV during the prime day sale. Could you please make a Truview or could you help me deciding which would be better Sony X80K, Sony X70L or Sony X64L. Will be mainly using the TV for viewing OTT content (Hotstar, Amazon Prime) & YouTube videos.

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