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Best AC Deals On Amazon

With air conditioning becoming a necessity, the demand for air conditioners has substantially increased which in turn has lead to an increase in their supply. So how do you select the best one for you? Well! Scroll down and choose the best amazing deals on ACs.

Owing to the rise in heat, AC has now become mandatory for survival. Almost every household in India now has an AC and due to the rapid increase in the demand for air conditioners, their supplies have also risen which has thereby created a market full of gimmicks. But don’t worry. We have carefully curated a list of the best AC in India in 2022 after checking and testing numerous air conditioners. Scroll down to select the best one for you…….Read More


Best Refrigerators Deals On Amazon

The advance in technology has brought into the picture many new reforms and some fancy names as well. Some inventions have actually proven to be substantial whereas others have become marketing gimmicks. So how do you differentiate between the real and the fake? Well! We already did that for you. 

LG 190L 4-star refrigerator, with 180L net capacity, has a 168L:22L fridge to freezer ratio. Its power consumption is 131 units. Along with the Smart inverter compressor, it comes with Toughened Glass Shelves and a Manual Defrost option. The Moist ‘N’ Fresh technology helps you keep the vegetables fresh for a longer period of time. Anti-Rat Bite protects the refrigerator from rats. LG 4-star refrigerator, the best-in-class 190L refrigerator is both inverters as well as solar compatible. Read More

Founded in 2019 by Vineet Malhotra, VMone has come a long way from its beginnings in New Delhi. It’s been a long time in the making, but today we are glad to announce our association with Amazon India where we will go LIVE to talk about Electronics and Home Appliances. We are not promoting any specific product, we still stay true to our motto- Unsponsored content with The Uncomfortable Truth. We are committed to producing high-quality, unbiased content that is oftentimes difficult to talk about. This has always been our goal, and we’ll continue to pursue it. We’re excited to share our new direction with you, and we can’t wait to hear what you think!
Just like every LIVE session, we will also be answering questions from our viewers and sharing some valuable tips along with that.

VM-One has always received the support of its audience. Today, we stand head held high because of all the love that our audience has given to our channel. More than ours, it has always been your channel and it always will be. Our association with Amazon India does not end merely with the benefit of the VM-One channel. We always keep in mind the interest of our audience and it is our immense pleasure to inform you that a special discount; apart from the regular discount, will be offered to those who will purchase VM-One Recommended products during the LIVE session. So, don’t miss out on the Super Deals by VM-One!

1. During the LIVE video, choose the product you want to buy.
2. Click the link to the product you have chosen.
3. During the LIVE session, a Discount Coupon code will be disclosed by Vineet Malhotra.
4. Use that coupon code and avail your special discount.

* Please Note: The coupon code is valid only during the LIVE session *

As always, we will provide you with the most authentic buying guides for all the appliances that we will be talking about in our LIVE sessions. Apart from recommending the most worthy products, we promise you that you will never lose the essence of The Uncomfortable Truth that you get on our YouTube channel. We guarantee you that every VM-One Recommended Product is a ‘Value For Money’ product. VM-One Recommended list of products has all the products recommended by Vineet Malhotra. All these products have been either tested, checked at stores, or reviewed by Vineet Malhotra and his team. Buying them will give you an edge over buying an unknown product without any recommendation.