Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale Refrigerator Deals 2023


On the occasion of Independence Day, the e-commerce giant Amazon is back with its Great Freedom Festival sale. It is the perfect time to get a refrigerator at an affordable price and keep your beverages cool and veggies fresh for a longer duration. Refrigerators are absolutely necessary in Indian households, so why not buy one? Hereby presenting you our list of single-door refrigerators that you can grab during the amazon great indian Festival Sale 2023.

Single Door Refrigerator List-Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale

Haier 185 L 2-Star Single-Door Refrigerator

The first entry on the Amazon Freedom Festival Sale list is the Haier 185 L 2-star refrigerator with a minimal capacity suitable for bachelors. With a freezer capacity of 14 L, it has one drawer and two shelves. The large vegetable box at the bottom is perfect for keeping your veggies fresh longer.

Haier 190 L 4 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

It has a 2-star energy efficiency rating with a 1-year product warranty and a 10-year warranty on the compressor. A few additional features of the Haier 185 L 2 Star single door refrigerator are an anti-bacterial gasket, Diamond Edge Freezing Technology, stabilizer-free operation, and a connected home inverter. Buy this compact refrigerator during the sale at a price you have never seen before.

Godrej 180 L 4-Star Single-Door Refrigerator

You can consider the Godrej 180 L single-door refrigerator if your old refrigerator takes too long to cool. The Godrej single-door refrigerator has an elegant and stylish design, and its 180 L capacity makes it suitable for a small family. With 4-star energy efficiency, it consumes only 149 KW hours. Moreover, this refrigerator also comes with a 1-year comprehensive warranty and a 10-year compressor warranty.

Godrej 180 L 4 Star

The jumbo vegetable tray of 16.44 L will keep your veggies fresh for long durations, and you will get 13.5 L of bottle storage to stock up the drinks. What are you waiting for? Click on the link to grab this single-door refrigerator.

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Whirlpool 207 L 5-Star Single-Door Refrigerator

If you are looking for a refrigerator that is perfect for a family of 2-3 members, you must consider Whirlpool’s 5-star single-door refrigerator with 207 L capacity. It comes with Intellisense Inverter technology with a low starting voltage of 95V & assures 25 years of compressor reliability, certified by VDE Germany.

Whirlpool 207 L 5 Star Icemagic Pro Inverter Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator

The special features of this refrigerator include stabilizer-free operation even in high fluctuation voltage between (95V – 300V), uniform cooling, crescent door design and breathe arc handle. Invest in this featureful refrigerator if you have a budget of 20000 and you are looking for something suitable for a small family.

LG 185 L 4-Star Single-Door Refrigerator

Our next recommendation is suitable for small families and bachelors who are looking for a single-door refrigerator with a 4-star rating. The LG single-door refrigerator comes with a 185 L capacity and a stylish-looking premium design. It has a freezer capacity of 16 L and a fresh food capacity of 169 L, a 4-star rating that will significantly reduce the bills. This LG refrigerator delivers unmatchable performance along with great savings and silent operation. Lastly, it comes with a 1-year manufacturing warranty and 10 years warranty on the compressor.

LG 185 L 4 Direct-Cool Smart Inverter Compressor Single-Door Refrigerator

You can purchase this refrigerator during the Amazon Great Freedom Festival Sale 2023 at a discounted price you will never see again. Go grab it ASAP; the offer won’t last long.

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Samsung 183 L 2-Star Single-Door Refrigerator

The last recommendation on the occasion of the Amazon Great Freedom Festival Sale is the Samsung 2-star single-door refrigerator that comes with 183 L of capacity. This compact refrigerator is highly suitable for bachelors and couples. With 165 L fresh food capacity and 18 L freezer capacity, this refrigerator consumes 50% less power and has 20 years of warranty. It has one drawer, two toughened glass shelves, an anti-bacterial gasket and a bottle storage capacity of 5.

Samsung 183 L 2 Star Digital Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

This Samsung refrigerator comes with 1 year of comprehensive warranty on the product and 20 years warranty on the digital inverter compressor. Don’t wait for long; this sale is the perfect occasion to bring this cooling device to your home.

Wrapping Up

Those were our top single-door refrigerator recommendations for the Amazon Great Freedom Festival Sale 2023. All the above-listed deals are “NOW OR NEVER” types; you will not get such crazy discounts till the next sale, which is 3 months away. Don’t wait long; click the link to get a refrigerator now!

If you are an online shopping addict, then you must leverage the Amazon Great Freedom Festival Sale 2023 to stock up on everything you need. The next mega sale is expected to kickstart in October or November; hence the Amazon Freedom Sale 2023 is the best opportunity to grab the necessary items. As stated by Amazon, on TVs, you will get up to 60% off; on washing machines, you will get up to 55% off; on refrigerators, you will get up to 55% off and on ACs, you will get 55% off.

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