5 Best Kitchen Chimney Deals: Time to Say Goodbye to Cooking Fumes and Odours


5 Best Kitchen Chimney Deals: Kitchen chimney are one of the most essential products for maintaining hygiene and cleanliness in our kitchen. A kitchen chimney is a device that sucks out the smoke, fumes, and odours from your cooking and keeps your kitchen fresh and clean. Since it is Diwali, it is the time of ultimate snacking, which means it is time to upgrade your kitchen and make it more efficient, hygienic, and stylish. It also prevents the accumulation of grease and oil on your walls and cabinets, which can damage them over time.

The choices in the market can be prodigious; you can rest assured as here in this blog, we will guide you through 5 best kitchen chimney in India. Without wasting any time, let us jump right into the recommended list.

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1. Faber 60cm Filterless Chimney: Amazon Chimney

This festive season, install a feature-rich Faber chimney to keep your kitchen neat and tidy while you curate a feast this Diwali season. The auto-clean technology of the chimney makes it a delight for everyone. The Faber 60 cm filterless chimney makes your kitchen grease-free with its 1200 m3/hr suction power.

Faber 60cm Filterless Chimney Amazon Chimney

The absorbed oil is stored in the oil container of the chimney, making it durable and reducing the hassle of cleaning it frequently. The Faber kitchen chimney has an Italian design, complementing your kitchen. With the gesture control interaction with your chimney, the operation gets so much simpler. So, this Diwali, get your hands on the best chimney for the kitchen and turn your festive season bonzer with hefty discounts on Amazon and Flipkart Diwali Sale.

2. Elica 60 cm 1200 m3/hr Filterless Autoclean Kitchen Chimney: Chimney Price Flipkart

Elica is considerably the best Kitchen chimney under 12000, with all the attractive features that it has to offer. Experience a kitchen without the fumes hitting your nose after that ‘Tadka’ in your food with the Max Airflow technology with a 1200 m3/hr capacity to keep your kitchen fresh.

Elica 60 cm 1200 m3hr Filterless Autoclean Kitchen Chimney Chimney Price Flipkart

The concealed motor provided in the Elica 60 cm ensures the motor’s longevity, increasing the overall resilience. The chimney sucks all the odour and fumes from the kitchen with its powerful suction. It has a touch sensor, which makes the kitchen chimney simpler to handle. At the same time, its magnificent looks enhance the appearance of your kitchen. Buy the Elica chimney on Amazon Great Indian Festival sale or the Flipkart Big Billion Day sale at massive discounts.

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3. Hindware 60cm Filterless Chimney: Best Chimney for the kitchen

The Hindware chimney is a wall mounted chimney with a powerful suction that provides 1350 m3/hr suction capacity, which is a necessity for heavy frying. This is a must-product this Diwali to grasp as soon as possible because of its other interesting feature, which is the Dual LED light, illuminating a wider surface and energy efficiency.

Hindware 60cm Filterless Chimney Best Chimney for the kitchen

With the motion sensing technology, simply operate it by waving your hand and showing the gesture. Another feature that might intrigue you to buy this product is the Auto Clean technology. Just by touching one button, you can clean the residue on the motor of the Hindware chimney. Get this kitchen chimney at heavy discounts during the Flipkart Big Billion Day or the Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale. 

4. Faber 90cm 1200 m3/hr: Best Chimney under 12000

Faber chimney 90cm offers brilliant performance with stylish Italian- design, an absolute necessity for your Indian-style cooking requirements. You get hassle-free cleaning and easy product maintenance because of its filterless design.

Faber 90cm 1200 m3hr Best Chimney under 12000

Also, the chimney has a motor placed inside, making a clear pathway for smoke and air. Additionally, a 1200m3/h suction power absorbs all the smoke and odour in the kitchen, which helps you cook food easily and peacefully. The flawless Italian design of the kitchen enhances the interior of the kitchen, giving it a modern look. Additionally, it has a touch+gesture control feature to make the control hassle-free. During the Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale and the Flipkart Big Billion Day sale, you can seize the opportunity and buy this Faber chimney on good deals and discounts.

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5. Elica 60 cm 1425 m3/hr: Kitchen Chimney

If you have a house without proper ventilation, you can consider this Elica 60 cm kitchen chimney for a better and fresher environment. The two baffled filters present in this kitchen chimney eliminate the unhealthy smoke and other oil residue from the kitchen.

Elica 60 cm 1425 m3hr Kitchen Chimney

It is loaded with premium and intriguing designs that will surely add to the decor of your kitchen and is suitable for any sort of interior. You get motion sensor control for that easy and convenient gesture control. It has 2 LED lamps for better efficiency, so light can never be an issue while you are cooking. Not to mention, the Elica chimney has a suction capacity of 1425 cubic metres per hour, ensuring the freshness of your kitchen at the same time producing less noise. You can surely opt for this feature-packed product during the Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale or the Flipkart Big Billion Day sale.

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Verdict: Amazon Chimney

So, this was everything about the best kitchen chimney available in the market in 2023. All the above-mentioned kitchen chimney were bought and tested by Vineet Malhotra himself to guide through the unfiltered and unsponsored product details. Get one of these products at this Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale or at the Flipkart Big Billion Day Sale this Diwali season.

For more interesting recommendations on various other appliances, visit our website, and for any further queries or suggestions, feel free to drop your comments down below.


  • What is the best kitchen chimney in India with price?

    There are an array of options available in the market; the best kitchen chimney depends on your preference and requirement for the product. Fabia, Elica, etc, are some brands you can consider. Also, the price of the product varies on the features it offers.

  • Which is the best chimney in India on Amazon to buy?

    As already answered, the best chimney in India available on Amazon totally depends on your choice. For recommendations, you can follow our listicle given above.

  • Are Faber wall mounted chimney available on Flipkart?

    Yes, Faber wall mounted chimney are available on Flipkart; you can click here to find the products.



















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