5 Best Hand Blenders (Review+Buying Guidelines)

best hand blenders
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Hand blenders have become an integral part of every kitchen. They are important for Chopping, whipping, and for making shakes. But which is the best hand blender? A cheap local blender or an expensive branded one? In this article, we will tell you about the best hand blenders that you can buy in India in 2022.

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Some Significant Points-

1. Type of Hand Blender-
An inexpensive hand blender is good for smoothies, shakes, or chutneys. But a well-branded hand blender is advisable for advanced features like chopping, mashing, or speed control. We will discuss both kinds of blenders in this article.

2. Material-
Hand blenders are made of ABS, plastic, and steel but what matters is the material of their blades. Blades are of 2 types- stainless steel or stainless steel alloy. Stainless Steel is better.

3. The solution to the common issue-
Tip 1-
Motor dysfunction which is a common issue is due to the fault of people and not the blender. Tip 1 to use a blender correctly- take short breaks after every 1-2 minutes to protect the motor as the motor is blender is of high RPM. Use your blender with short breaks after 1-2 minutes.

Tip 2-
A hand blender is best for chopping, smoothies, whipping, or for making chutney but only a mixer grinder can give you heavy grinding.

Tip 3-
Don’t stuff the jar of the blender to its neck. Decrease the quantity for efficient use.

4. Warranty-
Make sure you check the warranty of your hand blender. We called the customer service of all our recommended hand blenders from different locations. We told them different problems and we have rated their services on the basis of their responses.

5. Extended Warranty-
Make sure you buy an extended warranty with every product you buy. We personally recommend Go Warranty and you can buy it from anywhere.

1. Inalsa INOX Hand blender- best hand blenders

The number 1 hand blender in our list of best hand blenders in 2022 is an Inalsa hand blender with a 1000W motor. It has an alloy steel body & stainless steel blade (good). The detachable shaft is good for better hygiene. It has a turbo speed button. The best thing is its variable speed control i.e it can be operated at various speeds. It comes with a wall hanging handle (convenient). Our rating after calling Inalsa’s service number is good. Inalsa provides home services only in Delhi NCR. However, Inalsa has many service centres almost everywhere. Inalsa gives a 2-year comprehensive warranty. It costs INR 3000.

Inalsa Hand Blender
Inalsa Hand Blender
ir?t=webvm 21&language=en IN&l=li3&o=31&a=B0979BT98Q
Inalsa Hand Blender (with jar)
Inalsa Hand Blender (with jar)
ir?t=webvm 21&language=en IN&l=li3&o=31&a=B087GTHSND
FeaturesStainless Steel Blade; Alloy steel body; Detachable shaft; Turbo speed button; variable speed control; Wall Hanging
Services9773982065; Good – Home services only in Delhi-NCR
inalsa hand blender

Pros & Cons-

It comes with all many attachments which make it convenient for multi-tasking. It has a good body and blades. The 1000W motor is powerful. Con- if we nitpick then this hand blender is not dishwasher safe. However, it is an amazing blender for INR 3000.

2. Kent Hand-Blender- best hand blenders

Number 2 in our list of best hand blenders in 2022 is the Kent hand blender with a 400W motor. It has a stainless steel blade, stainless steel body (fantastic). The detachable shaft is good for better hygiene. The best thing is its variable speed control i.e it can be operated at various speeds. It runs on turbo speed just by clicking on the push button. The 400W motor works on 20000 RPM. Our rating after calling Kent’s service no. is good. Kent doesn’t provide home services anywhere. Kent gives a 1-year comprehensive warranty. It costs INR 1250 which is a fantastic price.

Kent Hand Blender
Kent Hand Blender
ir?t=webvm 21&language=en IN&l=li3&o=31&a=B07QHHCB27
FeaturesStainless Steel Blade; Stainless Steel body; Detachable shaft; Variable speed control; Push Button for Turbo Speed; 20000 RPM Motor
Services9278912345; Good – Home service Not available
best hand blenders in India 2022

Pros & Cons-

It has a fantastic body and amazing blades. The motor is powerful. Con- It has only a 1-year warranty which is not a big thing.

3. Bajaj HB-21- best hand blenders

On number 3 in our list of best hand blenders in 2022 is the Bajaj hand blender with a 300W motor. It has a stainless steel blade, & a detachable ABS stem. It is available in 2 variants- 1 with a single blade & the other with the multipurpose blade. Both models have stainless steel blade & detachable ABS blender stem which is good for hygiene. The attachments get easily attached with just a click. Our rating after calling Bajaj’s service number is very good as Bajaj gives home service at every location (commendable). Bajaj gives a 2-year comprehensive warranty. Its single unit costs INR 1400 & with attachment the price is INR 1800.

Bajaj Hand Blender
Bajaj Hand Blender
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Bajaj Hand Blender (with jar)
Bajaj Hand Blender (with jar)
ir?t=webvm 21&language=en IN&l=li3&o=31&a=B08X1VX69T
FeaturesStainless Steel Blade; Detachable ABS blender stem; Multipurpose blade; Click-fit Operation
Services022-41280000; Great; Home Service Available everywhere
best hand blenders in India 2022

Pros & Cons-

The multipurpose jar is useful. It is made of good quality. Blades are of good quality. The stainless steel rod is good. The wire length is good. It is a good hand blender that is good for small things like mashing potatoes or chopping onions. Con- it comes with a single-speed option. Multi-speed options would have been better. Nevertheless, it is good.

4. Philips HL1655/00- best hand blenders

Philips hand blender with 250W motor is on number 4 position in our list of best hand blender in 2022 is. It has a stainless steel rod, & alloy steel blades made of good quality food-grade material. It comes with 2 blades- 1 for whisking & the other for blending (good). It has an 18000 RPM motor. Our rating after calling Philips service number is good. Philips provides home services only in cities- Tier 1 & Tier 2. Though, you may take the blender to the nearby service centre. Philips gives a 2-year comprehensive warranty. It costs INR 1500.

Philips Hand Blender
Philips Hand Blender
ir?t=webvm 21&language=en IN&l=li3&o=31&a=B00YQLG7GK
FeaturesStainless Steel Rod; Alloy steel blade;  Removable blades for whisking and whipping; 18000 RPM Motor
Services18001022929; Good; Home service available only in cities
Philips hand blender

Pros & Cons-

It has a good body with a good stainless steel rod. The best thing is that there are 2 blades for different uses. Con- It is slightly expensive.

5. Orpat Hand Blender- best hand blenders

Number 5 in our list of best hand blenders in 2022 is the Orpat hand blender with a 250W motor. It has a stainless steel blade, plastic body & 18000 RPM motor (good). It can be wall-mounted which makes it very convenient. Our rating after calling Orpat’s service number is good. This Orpat hand blender is cheap & best- cheap in price & best in quality as per the price. Orpat gives a 1-year comprehensive warranty. It costs INR 700.

Orpat Hand Blender
Orpat Hand Blender
ir?t=webvm 21&language=en IN&l=li3&o=31&a=B00A7PLVU6
FeaturesStainless Steel Blade; Plastic Body; 18000 RPM Motor; Wall Mount
Services18008902808 – Good
best hand blender under 1000

Pros & Cons-

It is a good hand blender. Its body is not the best but the quality of plastic is good. It has stainless steel blade. Its 2m cord length is good. Con- The button needs to be constantly pressed while working. It is not a press & stable button. This is the only issue. Otherwise, it is a good hand blender. Premium hand blenders- The Premium hand blender that I don’t recommend is Braun 600W hand blender. It costs INR 3800 but I don’t recommend it as Braun doesn’t provide service in India. There is no service backup. There is no guarantee of repair. That is why I recommend you avoid it.



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